Sarah De Lagarde Train Accident survivor

Camden Woman gained all attention in September this year after losing her arm and leg in an accident. Know More On Not-so-famous personality Sarah De Lagarde Train Accident. Is she OK now? Let’s find out. 

Lagarde gained the public eye after surviving a horrific train accident in September 2022. Unfortunately, the Camden Woman was crushed by tube trains after falling onto tracks.

Thanks to her good luck, she survived the terrifying incident. She now prepares to return home after the Northern line tragedy. 

Legit sources claim that the brave woman is recovering after facing a near-to-death situation.

Here’s an interesting fact about the Northern Line horror — Sadly, Sarah De Lagarde lost an arm and a leg in the train accident. 

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Sarah De Lagarde Train Accident

Camden Woman Sarah De Lagarde met a serious train accident in 2022 following her horror fall on the Northern line.

The woman badly injured her arm and leg in September of that year. Unfortunately, she lost an arm and a leg in the process. 

Sarah De Lagarde Train Accident
Train Accident survivor Sarah De Lagarde lost her arm and leg. (Source: YouTube)

Sarah nearly became almost 40% disabled after the accident. However, the brave woman finds herself lucky for her survival and feels fortunate for her second life. 

After surviving a horrific fall and being crushed by tube trains, she says:

I am not going to die here. 

Fortunately, her healing process was quick, and she took a short road to recovery. Perhaps, Lagarde’s strong mental strength helped on her recovery journey. 

The woman now wants to return home and is fundraising for a futuristic bionic arm. 

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What Happened To Lagarde’s Leg? Did She Have Surgery?

Camden Woman Sarah De Lagarde caught a near-to-death situation after falling on tracks and being crushed by a tube train. The tragedy took place in September this year.

Unfortunately, Lagarde lost an arm and a leg in the accident but found herself lucky to have a second-life. 

According to the concerned authorities, the woman had been heavily injured after falling on the tracks.

The Camden Native seems to focus on returning to her home after her discharge from the hospital.

After the surgery, she got a bionic leg and is learning to walk again.

However, she is looking for donations and organizing a fund-raising Campaign for a bionic arm. 

Her Campaign raised at least £200,000 of a £250,000 target. She wants a new line of incredibly advanced prosthetics capable of working on brain signals. 

After placing the technologically advanced bionic arm, she will be able to move her fingers on her will. 

Health Update Of Sarah De Lagarde

Currently, Lagarde is fundraising for a futuristic bionic arm.

Talking about her health update, the Camden Woman is healing and learning to walk again on a bionic leg. 

The hospital discharged her on Friday, and she headed back home to Camden Town.

The Camden native was on an emotional rollercoaster ride as she returned to her husband and children two months after the accident.

Sarah De Lagarde Train Accident Family
Train Accident survivor Sarah De Lagarde is back with her family. (Source: The Times)

The mother looked forward to meeting her family on Christmas and found her second life the best gift ever. Lagarde says: 

I am lucky to survive the tragedy. I will fight my way back to meet my husband and children.

The good news is I am recovering well and going home to meet them after two months. It is the longest I have been away from them.

Moreover, Mrs de Lagarde learned to stand up after being in a wheelchair for a month. She has a bionic leg attached and finds money to have a futuristic bionic arm as well. 

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