Sarah Guetta Mari

Is Sarah Guetta Mari married? Many queries have been asked about the star’s hairdresser’s family details. Here we have everything about her husband. 

Sarah Guetta is a professional hairdresser who runs her own business. She has been doing this job for a long time, so Guetta has also worked in many movies and television series.

Working on many projects, Sarah has shared the screen with many renowned figures and has gained broad experience. Apart from being a celebrity hairdresser, she is also a makeover Specialist.

So, Guetta steers between her studio and film shoots and dedicates herself to a passion for research.

Sarah Guetta Mari: Is She Married?

Sarah Guetta may have a Mari (husband), but there are no details regarding the hairdresser’s married life. We can find her active on Instagram under the username @sarahguetta.officiel, but we have not made a single post on her account.

All of her Instagram posts show that Sarah is focused on her professional career rather than searching for a life partner. In the past, she has not been engaged in any rumors regarding her love affair.

So, it is believed that Guetta may have been leading a solitary life for a long time. Due to that, we can be clear that she has not dated anyone openly.

Sarah Guetta Mari
Sarah Guetta Mari with the show host Faustine Bollaert. (Source: Instagram)

As her fans and well-wishers are eager to know about her love life, Sarah may give more updates in the coming years. So, to get updated on Guetta’s lifestyle, we can follow her on multiple social media platforms. Also, we will give you more info about Sarah’s life soon.

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Sarah Guetta Familie Details

Sarah Guetta was raised in a sound family life. The hairdresser has openly discussed her early life and family members with the media.

It is reported that Sarah was raised in a family of 10 children. Meanwhile, Guetta was bereaved by the death of four of her sisters. Furthermore, Sarah was just five years when two of them, aged 18 and 21, died in a horrible accident.

Initially, she was interested in cooking and photography, but when her sister died, her mother wanted her to take the profession. Due to that, Sarah took her career in this field.

Furthermore, the hairdresser has talked about her parents via social media posts. Both of her parents are no more in this world. Once, she made posts on her social media handles revealing that her mother had died and during that time, Sarah said that her mom joined her father and sisters.

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Who Is Hairdresser Sarah Guetta? 

Sarah Guetta is a prominent hairdresser whose career began in 1986 at the emblematic Carita. Initially, she worked as a young assistant to Christophe, and Sarah was stunned to discover the hairstyles of the divas of Paris.

A few years later, in the salons of Jean-Marc Maniatis, she brought her expertise from the rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. In 1995, Sarah decided to join the world of the seventh art, and her passion for hairdressing also developed in the cinema but in the theater.

Sarah Guetta Mari
Sarah Guetta Mari loves sharing pictures on her social media handle. (Source: Instagram)

Following that, Sarah began working in movies and has already worked on many projects. She has worked in the makeup department on many projects and some of which include Dead Weight, The Taste of Others, and Aicha.

Furthermore, her work has been honored by many people. In 2011, she was selected as a member of the jury for L’Espoir de l’année on M6 for the choice of the best hairdresser in France.

Moreover, Sarah is still active in this field and runs her business smoothly. She also showcases her professional life via her social media handles.

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