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People are still in a big dilemma regarding Sarah Palin’s religion. Stick with us as we unwrap the American politician’s faith.

Even though she hasn’t publicly talked about her religious beliefs, we have clamped down on her practicing faith.

Vice presidential nominee Palin practiced Pentecostal for at least two decades. The news was confirmed in 2008. Yes, it is obvious that Palin has a belief in Christianity.

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Sarah Palin Religion: Is The American Politician Christian Or Jewish?

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has faith in Christianity. As mentioned earlier, she practiced Pentecostal for more than two decades.

Precisely speaking, Pentecostalism is a part of Christianity that accentuates the work of the Holy Spirit. Likewise, the believers of Pentecostalism practice the direct experience of the presence of God.

Pentecostal prayers are energetic and dynamic. Maybe, Palin like other Pentecostal prayers believes that faith is not something found merely through ritual or thinking. Her faith must be powerfully experiential as well. 

Sarah Palin speech
Sarah Palin was giving a strong speech. (Source: Politico)

Furthermore, Palin’s video circulated on the Internet in 2008 showed her praying in front of the church.

Her video was clipped in 2004, where she was seen being blessed by Kenyan Bishop Thomas Muthee to keep her safe from every form of witchcraft.

Bishop’s prayer words for Palin were:

Show her (referring to Palin) way, my God. In the name of Jesus, finance her way for her campaign. God, talk to this woman. I declare, Save her from all evil Satan.

Yes, some of the lines, mainly involving witchcraft, caught the attention of liberals. Liberal bloggers and pundits called Palin’s leaked video terrifying and received much criticism.

However, according to the religious experts, there was nothing fearful in the video. Concerned believers said that it was just a fairly routine religious ceremony.

Misunderstanding and exaggerating don’t spill out the truth, they said. Obviously, everyone has the right to choose and practice their faith and belief without harming others.

Hence, Palin’s church attendance clearly indicates that she has faith in Christianity.

Sarah Palin’s Family And Ethnicity

American Politician Sarah Palin was born Sarah Louise Heath on 11 Feb. 1964 to Charles R. “Chuck” Heath and Sarah “Sally” Heath.

Her Father, Charles, was a track-field coach and a science teacher at school, while her mother, Sally, was a school secretary.

Moreover, Palin has three siblings. She is the third of her parent’s four kids (a son and three daughters). 

Talking about Palin’s family ethnicity, she is of Irish, English, and German ancestry. Her Father and mother have Irish-English and German roots. Besides, she was born in Sandpoint, Idaho. 

Before stepping into politics, Sarah won the Miss Wasilla beauty pageant and finished as second runner-up in the Miss Alaska pageant.

Sarah Palin before pictures
Sarah Palin completed her degree in communication. (Source: News Museum)

Also she completed her bachelor’s degree in communication and journalism. 

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Exciting Facts About Sarah Palin

Here are some unknown facts about the American politician Sarah Palin.

  • Sarah was the first female to govern Alaska. She became the Alaska governor in Nov. 2006.
  • Palin previously worked for Fox News and was a political contributor for the Media Company.
  • Sarah believes in conservative protest, and she aroused Party’s conservative Christian base.

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