Sasa Cadjenovic arrested

Sasa Cadjenovic is under arrest for his alleged abuse of office and involvement in a criminal group.

Čađenović had been the Montenegrin Special State Prosecutor since May 2019.

He was known to the country’s public from the “coup d’état” court trial underway since 2017.

The case in the High Court in Podgorica included Russian and Serbian citizens and the pro-Russian Democratic Front’s leaders Andrija Mandić and Milan Knežević as the defendants.

The newly developed case against Cadjenovic is under investigation, and new information will likely emerge soon.

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Sasa Cadjenovic Arrested: Arrested For Abuse of Office

Sasa Cadjenovic was arrested on December 9, 2022 (Friday), as ordered by the Special State Prosecutor’s Office.

The detainment was made concerning alleged abuse of office and the creation of a criminal organization.

The Office spokesperson Vukas Radonjic stated that Cadjenovic was suspected of several criminal offenses from mid-2020 to 2022.

Sasa Cadjenovic arrested for abuse of power
Sasa Cadjenovic was arrested on December 9. (Source: Vijesti)

“He was arrested this morning, and the Special State Prosecution will inform the public of details during the investigation,” Radonjic said. Cadjenovic was taken to the SDT building for questioning.

The spokesperson also emphasized that everyone must adhere to the presumption of innocence and not violate other procedure rules or the rights of the persons undergoing the procedure.

Sasa Cadjenovic Was The Montenegro Special State Prosecutor

Per Balkan Insights, Sasa Cadjenovic has been Deputy Special State Prosecutor since May 2020. He was in office led by Milivoje Katnic.

Following Katnic’s retirement on February 17, Vladimir Novovic took charge as the new Special State Prosecutor on March 18.

The former opposition disliked the office and alleged its ties with criminal groups and the Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, which was ruling at the time.

Mainly, they criticized the office for securing guilty verdicts for 13 people. It included two leaders of the Democratic Front, Milan Knezevic, and Andrija Mandic, for conspiring to overthrow the ruling government in 2016.

First, in May 2019, the Higher Court sentenced 13 people, including Knezevic Mandic, Russian military intelligence officers, and eight Serbs, to up to 15 years in jail for staging an attempted coup.

However, in February 2021, the Appeal Court nullified the verdict, asking the Higher Court to repeat the trial, which former opposition leaders accused to had been politically led.

On November 20, a Democratic Front Leader, Knezevic, accused Sasa Cadjenovic of cooperating with criminal gangs in the country.

He stated that Cadjenovic deserved to have an indictment brought against him long ago and to serve a sentence in prison. “He cannot act like a prosecutor anymore,” Knezevic told Adria television.

On November 29, the Higher Court asked the Special State Prosecution to deliver a new indictment within 15 days.

What Could Sasa Cadjenovic Have Done?

While the announcement did not mention the specifics, it stated that the arrest had been made for the abuse of office and creating a criminal gang.

On August 11, 2022, the Special State Prosecution made an indictment against Petar Lazovic, a senior Police officer, for alleged ties to the notorious Kavac gang of Kotor.

The filing accused him of providing the gang with official protection for their crimes related to drug, tobacco, and arms smuggling.

Citing a report by EUROPOL (European Police agency) to the Montenegrin government, the media published Lazovic’s SKY app communication transcripts with a Kavac Leader named Radoje Zvicer.

On May 5, the State Prosecution confirmed EUROPOL was sending transcripts of the encrypted messages to the prosecution last July.

Sasa Cadjenovic arrested Monetenegro
Sasa Cadjenovic during an earlier press release. (Source: Balkan Insights)

However, the investigation into the two men was closed. At the time, Cadjenovic, the deputy Special State Prosecutor, assessed that there were no elements of a crime.

Further, Katnic maintained Lazovic had been informing the Police about Kavac drug gang operations.

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