Satish Kaushik Wife

Satish Kaushik wife, Shashi Kaushik, has been an often discussed topic. After Satish’s ***** news has been confirmed, people are curious about his family. 

Satish Kaushik died on March 8, 2023, and his closest friend Anupam Kher shared the news about his *****. 

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He was out celebrating Holi when he felt uneasy and was sent to Fortis hospital. The reason behind his ***** is yet to be revealed. 

People have been sharing condolence for his family and friends. Kaushik was loveable and friendly and never disappointed his fans with his role. 

Kaushik was best known for his role as “Calendar” in Mr. India. He often used to get involved in comedy movies. 

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Who Is Satish Kaushik Wife Shashi Kaushik?

Satish Kaushik married Shashi Kaushik in 1985, and the couple shared a great bond. 

Kaushik’s wife, Shashi, is a producer, and she is best known for her movie, Chorriyan Chhoron Se Kam Nahi Hoti.

Shashi is not active like her husband but often used to get together with her spouse in any award function or program with celebrities. 

Satish Kaushik Wife and their daughter in New Year 2023.
Satish Kaushik’s Wife and their daughter in New Year 2023. (Image Source: Instagram)

Kaushik shared pictures of him with his wife; looking at them, it seems the couple used to share a great bond. 

The pair had been together for over thirty years and looked like a newlywed couple in public. 

Shashi is not active on social media, and she has not shared anything following the ***** of her husband. 

The family has been asking for privacy at this challenging time; losing a husband might be hard for Shashi. 

His family supports Shashi during this challenging time, and they have requested privacy that we should honor and not intrude upon.

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Satish Kaushik Son Shanu Kaushik And Daughter Vanshika Kaushik

Satish Kaushik and Shashi were blessed with a baby boy in 1994, who died at the age of two. The reason behind his ***** has not been disclosed. 

The ***** of Shaun Kaushik was challenging for him and his family. Even after five-ten years of passing, he remains remembered in their thoughts and memories. Shaun passed away at the age of 2.

They did not have children for a long time, and the couple never shared the reason behind not having children. 

Satish Kaushik shared a picture with his daughter with a caption, Father -Daughter for Sunday Brunch date.
Satish Kaushik shared a picture with his daughter with the caption, Father -Daughter for Sunday Brunch date. (Image Source: Instagram)

But in 2012, they got blessed with a daughter, Vanshika Kaushik. The couple had Vanshika with the surrogate process. 

Satish often involved his daughter in any program and shared pictures of her traveling and spending weekends together. 

Although, after having a busy schedule, he manages to give time to his family and spend quality time. 

Satish was the best Father to his daughter; he never missed any program of his daughter, and he never made her realize that he was busy with his work. 

Satish Kaushik Parents

Satish Kaushik was a private person who never publicly shared about his parents. Often people prefer avoiding media and sources. 

He has not shared any pictures of himself with his parents on social media. The Actor has share pictures with famous Indian personalities. 

Satish Kaushik with his close friend Actor, Anupam Kher.
Satish Kaushik with his close friend Actor, Anupam Kher. (Image Source: Instagram)

Kaushik was often focused on his career and was passionate about the industry. His sudden ***** of him has put people in shock. 

The reason behind his ***** has still not been shared in public; people are eagerly waiting for the reason behind the sudden ***** of Kaushik.

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