Savannah Grant

Savannah Grant is a woman who served 20 years for throwing acid at her boyfriend’s secret girlfriend. Let’s know what is the name of Savannah Grant boyfriend.

Savannah Grant is a current internet sensation after one of her interviews was posted yesterday on the youtube channel UNWINEWITHTASHAK. 

Grant is recently gaining media attention for what she did 20 years ago, and in the same interview, she justified the incident, how that happened and what leads the situation. 

Likewise, Grant is getting lots of hate comments, and people are shocked to know her justifications, as many of them say that she doesn’t need to justify the whole situation after 20 long years when she has already ruined someone’s life. 

Grant doesn’t seem guilty and ashamed of what she did with the woman, and in the same interview, the interviewee reports the acid victim is blind and major parts of her face have been burnt. 

What Is The Name Of Savannah Grant Boyfriend?

As soon as people know about Savannah Grant, they are eager to know about her boyfriend, including his name and other details that led to all the messed up between the two women. 

The internet is all over the man Savannah was obsessed with, so, in the same interview, Grant mentions his name is Anton. However, nothing much is accessible regarding Anton at the moment, nor has he ever faced the media and came up openly regarding the case.

Savannah Grant
Savannah Grant during an interview. (Source: Youtube)

Anton has been the concerned topic lately, and people are throwing hate comments at him as he was playing with both the women and instead, the two women have to suffer, one with 20 years of prison and another with blindness. 

Further updates may come into the sources in the coming days as this incident is grabbing huge public attention, so we might see and know who Anton really is. 

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Savannah Grant, Woman Served 20 Years For Throwing Acid

Savannah Grant is the woman who is currently known for serving 20 years for throwing acid into her boyfriend’s secret love. The victim is none other than the mother of an American football player, DeAndre Hopkins, Sabrina Greenlee. 

The incident happened in 2002, and after serving her punishment for 20 years, she was freed. Likewise, Grant pleaded guilty to assault and battery with intent to kill. She was condemned to 20 years in a South Carolina prison.  

Savannah was informed about her boyfriend’s and Sebrinna’s relationship by her friend; however, Grant was unknown of the situation between the two. 

One day, Savannah received a call from Sabrina’s home numbers, and they had a heated argument. Amidst the comfort of their home, Savannah Grant and her boyfriend were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing. Instinctively, Savannah recognized the visitor as Sabrina and, without hesitation, urged her partner not to answer. 

We can watch while interviewing in Tashak Live

Details On Sabrina Greenlee

Sabrina Greenlee was 30 years old when she was attacked with acid by Savannah Grant in 2002. Apart from the incident, she is also known as the mother of DeAndre Hopkins, an American football player.

Greenlee was hospitalized three weeks after the attack and lost all sight in her right eye. As per the sources, she lost roughly 40 percent of sight in her left eye. 

Savannah Grant
Sabrina Greenlee with her son, DeAndre Hopkins. (Source: Daily Mail)

Sadly, Grenelee has been unable to witness any of Hopkins’s matches; however, she never missed to attend every game. 

Furthermore, she will be filmed in a movie directed by Sam Bailey, with Kristen Buckley writing the screenplay, according to a story by Variety.

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