Savukku Shankar

Savukku Shankar death news is trending on Twitter as everyone is asking for his obituary. Keep reading to know the truth related to this matter.

Savukku Shankar, whose real name is P. Shankar, is a Tamil investigative journalist and writer known for his critical and controversial articles on various social and political issues in Tamil Nadu.

Furthermore, Shankar is known for his website, Savukku Online and his work as an independent journalist. He has gained popularity for his investigative reporting on corruption, political scandals, and other issues.

In addition to that, he often publishes his findings on his website and through his social media platforms. Meanwhile, his work has been both praised and criticized, as he has been involved in several high-profile controversies.

Currently, news has gone viral on social media which is related to Shankar’s death. People are eager to know the truth, which has been shared below.

Savukku Shankar Death: What Happened To Him?

Savukku Shankar death news has gone viral on the internet, and people are eager to know more about this matter. Shankar’s death news has created confusion among his followers.

Multiple social media handles are covered with the news related to his demise. However, it can be confirmed that all the news about his passing are fake and circulated on social media without any fact.

Savukku Shankar Death
Savukku Shankar death news has gone viral on the internet, but there is no truth about it. ( Source: Livelaw )

Many people on Twitter are searching for Savukku’s death news, which has left everyone shocked. At the time of this post, none of the media sources have given the facts related to this matter.

In the same way, Shankar himself has not released anything regarding this topic. As this has left many people confused, Shankar may give some updates via his social media handles in the future.

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Savukku Shankar Obituary Is Trending

Savukku Shankar obituary is also trending online as netizens are eager to know more about his death. As said earlier, Shankar has remained in the media prominence for the past few days.

Online users are heavily searching for the news related to his death. However, there is no truth about it, and all the rumours related to his death are fake.

Savukku Shankar Obituary
Savukku Shankar obituary has been shared by some fake news portals that left many people confused. ( Source: Chennai Memes )

Some people may have speculated something related to Savukku’s personal life, which later circulated on multiple platforms.

At the time of this post, none of the verified media sources have given the news about Shankar’s obituary and death.

All About Savukku Shankar Twitter Update

Savukku Shankar death news went viral on Twitter, and as of a recent update, no information has been shared. Considering this fact, it can be confirmed that Savukku is still alive.

Apart from that, this is not the first time Shankar has been involved in the rumour related to his death. In 2021, a rumour came into the media saying that Shankar died in an accident near Ashok Pillar.

Savukku Shankar Twitter
Savukku Shankar death news went viral on Twitter in 2021 related to his accident which was completely fake. ( Source: Twitter )

The news circulated on social media like a fire, creating a buzz. Some unverified sources also started to make news about Shankar’s death.

Despite that, it was confirmed that there was no truth about it. Shankar also took to his Twitter handle to address the truth and noted that he was still alive. 

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