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Scott Disick is a businessman, media personality, and socialite. Fans have noticed some changes in Scott Disick on the new Keeping Up with Kardashian episode. 

He is the ex-boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian, a famous American Model; Kourtney seems to have no relationship with him.

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But he has been in a show continuously. Also, after they broke up, he has been a family from the front.

People have been fans of the show for a long time, so many fans have noticed some difference in his face, but the difference has not been found.

Did Scott Disick Had Plastic Surgery?

Scott has not publicly shared any information regarding his surgery or on the reality television show.

But fans of the show Keeping Up with Kardashian have been talking about his surgery since the new episode has released.

Something off has been since in his face in the show, but he has not confirmed that till now. But looking at pictures and his appearance in the show, it seems like he has done dodgy plastic surgery.

His eyes and eyebrows look different from the pictures he shared. If he had surgery to look further, he might have shared it with the public.

He would have probably shared in the show without sharing through his social media. The exhibition shows every reality of the people inside the mask.

They have not kept anything private from the show, like their surgery or relationship. So, Disick might not have surgery for anything yet, or he might share it with his fans if it’s true.

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Scott Disick Before And After Photo

Scott never has any surgery to his place to look any diffrent, but he seems different in the new season of the show Kardashian. He was getting old at the show, so he might have looked different because of his age.

Disick has been seen diffrent with his new look; he seems to have done something with his eyes and eyebrows, so his fans might be confused.

His fans agreed with the comments about fans saying that he has had surgery to look diffrent because he has seen diffrent in the 2022 season.

Before and After Photo, Left picture is from 2022 and right is from 2013.
Before and After Photo, the Left picture is from 2022, and the right is from 2013. (Image Source: The Sun)

One fan mentioned: “His eyebrows have sagged at the edges, and he seems very shiny from Botox on camera, so that might be a factor too.”

So, looking at the picture after the comments from the fans, it seems like he has done something. But he has not talked about it publicly, so we cannot confirm the information.

Scott Disick Girlfriend: Is He In A Relationship? 

Scott Disick has been dating 21-year-old model Amelia Hamlin since September 21; he shared in the show Keeping Up With Kardashian.

Scott was the ex-boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian, and he came to the show after dating her. The couple was together from 2006-2015; they separated because Scott had a drug problem for a long time.

He has three children shared with Kourtney, Mason, Penelope Scotland, and Reign Aston. He often seems to share pictures of his children on his Instagram.

Scott seems to share a great bond with his children, Kourtney, and he has been co-parting their children after they separated.

Scott Disick
Picture of Scott Disick with his older son and daughter during vacation. (Image Source: Page Six)

He also dated model Sofia Richie from 2017 to 2020; the model was not comfortable with him being close with her ex-girlfriend in a show.

So, Disick has been seen with Amelia in public as well; they seem to have good relations with each other.

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