Scott Van Pelt with hair

Scott Van Pelt, known for having a bald head, used to have hair. Take a look at the sportscaster’s photos with hair.

While discussing American sportscasters, we can’t miss Scott Van Pelt. The Maryland native is a sportcaster and the highest-profile SportsCenter host.

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He is also known for serving as the co-host of SVP & Russillo alongside Ryen Russillo on ESPN Radio.

Van Pelt also hosted golf events for the network ESPN. He quit the radio show to become a Solo anchor for a midnight edition of SportsCenter.

Besides, Scott Van Pelt is also known for his bald head, which is like his signature look. However, the sportscaster shared a picture of himself where he had a majestic hair head. Here is what the talented sports talk show host looks like with a hair head.

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Scott Van Pelt With Hair: What Does Sportscaster Look Like In Long Hair?

Scott Van Pelt, known for having a bald head, used to have hair. During his talk with David Feherty on Gold Channel, the SportsCenter co-anchor discussed how he started broadcasting on 3 March 2020.

Later, he shared a throwback picture of himself with his hair which looked majestic. Take a look at Scott Van Pelt’s picture with hair.

Scott Van Pelt With Hair
Scott Van Pelt, with his hair, looks handsome. (Image Source: Twitter)

As per reports, some other snaps of the sportscaster with hair were shared in an earlier teaser snippet of the interview. However, there was nothing more majestic than the above picture.

People could not help but be in awe. On the other hand, some Twitter users said that Scott, with hair, looked like Chandler Bong. One of the users said, “we finally found Chandler Bong.”

On the other hand, some people found Scott cute. One of the users wrote, “wow! You were downright cute.”

Scott Van Pelt Health Update

ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt missed CFP national championship postgame SportsCenter due to a medical scare on 10 January 2022.

The renowned sportscaster took to Twitter and shared that his heart got a little out of whack. But he was happy to be okay and home after a bit of a medical scare.

He referenced SVT, Supraventricular Tachycardia, according to the Mayo Clinic. It is a condition where an abnormally fast heartbeat that affects the heart’s upper chambers.

Van Pelt and ESPN did not immediately disclose any additional information about his condition or approximate recuperation period.

John Anderson and Michael Eaves presented SportsCenter after Georgia defeated Alabama to win their first title since 1980. They didn’t address Van Pelt’s absence right away.

Scott Van Pelt With Hair
Scott Van Pelt had a medical scare; he said his heart got a little out of whack. (Image Source: USA Today)

Scott Van Pelt’s Personal Life

Scott Van Pelt was born to Sam Ven Pelt and Cathie Mathis in the mid-1960s.

Born in Brookeville, Maryland, he grew up in Washington, D.C. After completing elementary education at Flower Valley Elementary School; he attended Sherwood High School. Van Pelt is a 1988 graduate of the University of Maryland.

Lorenzo’s grandfather immigrated from Italy to the U.S. and lived in Brooklyn. Regarding his ethnicity or origin, the sportscaster is of Caucasian ethnicity and European ancestry.

As for his marital life, Scott Van Pelt shares a blissful married life with Stephanie Van Pelt. The Van Pelt couple tied the knot in 2011 and have been merrily together since then.

Together with his spouse, the sportscaster is a proud parent of three kids, including a daughter Lila Van Pelt. The proud dad dedicated a segment of SportsCenter to celebrate Lila’s 6th birthday in 2019.

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