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Sean Cardovillis illness has dragged a huge amount of public attention as he was found dead outside his house. Find out more info about his death cause.

Sean Cardovillis was a notable sports commentator who was famous for his work at Capital FM Kenya. He began working at Capital FM Kenya in June 2023 and served until his last breath.

Furthermore, Cardovillis was one of the most experienced personalities from his country as he worked in various stations. Before working at Capital FM, he served at Nation Media Group as a Sports Journalist.

Likewise, he was the Head of Radio at Nation Media Group. Before that, Cardovillis worked at Paradise FM, Seychelles, as a radio presenter and production from April 2006 to March 2012. 

Currently, everyone who knew Sean is in shock as his death news was shared recently, and people are concerned about his death cause.

Sean Cardovillis Illness And Health 2023

Sean Cardovillis illness news started circulating on the web after the news of his demise was shared on September 9, 2023. It has been reported that Sean’s health was not well for some time.

His health condition was last made public in February 2022. Further, Sean’s family members announced that he was not well and was seeking financial help.

Sean Cardovillis Illness
Sean Cardovillis was having issues with his health. ( Source: Citizen Digital )

At the time, Cardovillis had been admitted to HDU after developing lung complications. The notice shared by the family showed that Sean was experiencing chest pains, and later it turned to pneumonia.

Not only that but it has been noted that one of his lungs has pneumonia. Also, the sports commentator had an infection around his heart. 

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Sean Cardovillis Death Cause: How Did The Sports Commentator Die?

Following the announcement of his demise, people are concerned about Sean Cardovillis death cause. As of now, the actual manner of his death has not been published.

On September 9, 2023, Cardovillis’ body was found outside his house along Rhapta Road, Westlands, where he lived alone. The incident was said to have happened in the morning time.

Sean Cardovillis Death Cause
Sean Cardovillis death cause has not been confirmed, but people are paying tributes to him. ( Source: Twitter )

As per a police report, Sean’s body was found at his staircase by a cleaner who had gone to clean the area leading to his home on the fourth floor of an apartment.

It is unclear if Sean was leaving for work or had died Friday night. Witnesses said the cleaner raised the alarm, and an ambulance arrived there. Police, too, visited the scene. The medics declared Sean dead at the scene, and an autopsy will determine his death cause.

Sean Cardovillis Obituary and Funeral Details

Sean Cardovillis obituary was posted following his demise at the age of 51. He was known by many people, and the tragic news of his passing came as a shock to his well-wishers.

Tributes and condolence messages for the devasted family are pouring on various social media handles, including Facebook and Twitter.

Sean Cardovillis Obituary
Sean Cardovillis death news came as a shock to the world. ( Source: Facebook )

Sean was active on Instagram, and he had just shared one of his memories. In the comment section, many people paid tribute to Cardovillies.

He was known for his work at Capital FM, and they also shared a statement on Twitter saying, “We are deeply saddened to announce that the world of sports has lost one of its most iconic voices — Sean Cardovillis.”

They continued, “We pass our condolences to the family, colleagues, friends and our listeners following this devastating report.”

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