Sean Strickland Long Hair

Sean Strickland’s long hair picture surfaced online a few years ago, leaving a significant fan base crazy. They said the brave UFC fighter looked like musician Scott Stapp. But is this true?

The renowned American mixed martial artist regularly participates in the UFC middleweight division.

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Strickland, who turned pro in 2008, is the former King of the Cage Middleweight Champion. The professional fighter has an MMA record of 26-5-0 (win-loss-draw).

Sean has been making a buzz recently. The MMA fighter has repeatedly found himself in hot water for his comments and remarks.

But in around 2021, Strickland became the subject of an online troll after his old picture surfaced online. As he has come to the spotlight recently, many people have shown interest in knowing how the fighter looks with long hair.

In the picture, the professional fighter has long and luscious hair. Take a look at the picture below.

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Sean Strickland Long Hair: How Does He Look Like With Long Hair?

Sean Strickland became the subject of online troll after a picture of himself with luscious long hair circulated online a few years ago.

Sean Strickland Long Hair
Sean Strickland with and without hair. (Image Source: UFC and Reddit)

Strickland is known to have concise hair; his head appears bald. Without the viral photo, no one could have imagined the fighter with lengthy and fabulous hair. Many MMA fans had a field day when the fighter’s picture first surfaced online. 

An eagle-eyed Twitter user quickly compared the picture with a famous musician. The picture of Strickland with long hair reminded the user of the main vocalist of the famous ’90s band Creed, Scott Stapp.

And the comparison was undeniable. There were several other amusing analogies in the responses. One of the Reddit users said the fighter looks like every early 2000s metalcore band guitarist.

Only some of the comments were amusing. However, some online users said Sean looked like every high school bully.

Nonetheless, Sean Strickland, with long hair, looks unrecognizable. It would be correct to state that he looks great with long hair.

Sean Strickland Tattoo Meaning And Design

Sean Strickland has no visible tattoos imprinted on his body. Many of his fans might have noticed this fact during the UFC matches.

Could people be looking for the meaning and design of Stricland’s tattoo, as they confuse him with another UFC fighter Sean O’Malley, whose body is almost covered with numerous tattoo designs?

Sean Strickland has no tattoo on his body. (Image Source: UFC)

Strickland has not talked much about his interest in getting inked in the future. Moreover, it looks like the fighter isn’t interested in tattoos.

Whether or not he has a tattoo on his body, the 33-year-old stands out in the ring and never fails to catch his people’s eye.

Sean Strickland Recent Controversy

ON WEDNESDAY, the UFC held a press conference to promote its upcoming UFC on ESPN event. The event is scheduled for 1 July.

The biggest matchup on Saturday night features Sean Strickland vs. Abusupiyan Magomedov.

However, it was Strickland’s statements that made headlines. Many people were infuriated after the fighter ranted about America and claimed women shouldn’t have been granted the right to vote.

He ranted that America should try to be more like it was in 1942, or perhaps 1958 and that women should leave the workforce and return to the kitchen.

For those who might be wondering if the fighter was joking, Sean didn’t look like joking in any way.

Sean has attracted a lot of backlash for his comment, and it is not the first time he has found himself in hot water.

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