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Nicholas Tadros is a 10-year-old kid who has survived the Seaworld Helicopter Crash and is still hospitalized and Critically Injured. 

Sadly, The crash on January 2 involved two Sea World Helicopters aircraft and killed pilot Ash Jenkinson, British newlyweds Diane and Ron Hughes, and Vanessa Tadros.

The plane carrying Nicholas’ Father, Simon, and his family plummeted to the ground after colliding with another chopper, as was previously disclosed.

The distraught Father thanked Australians for their support on social media.

After the accident, he posted on Facebook, “I do beg that if everyone can please say a prayer for Nicky, that he can wake up and make a good recovery.”

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Seaworld Helicopter Crash: Nicholas Tadros, 10, Critically Injured and Still Hospitalized

According to the family’s priest, the little Sydney kid who was gravely hurt in the Sea World helicopter disaster did not have a brain impairment.

Following the crash on January 2 that claimed the lives of his mother, Vanessa Tadros, and three other people, Nicholas Tadros, 10, was put in an induced coma.

Nicholas has not had a significant brain injury, according to his family’s priest Father Suresh Kumar, who posted on Facebook that Nicholas has started speaking to people in his immediate vicinity.

Seaworld Helicopter Crash 1
The helicopter collision occurred on January 2 near Sea World. (Source: ABC)

The priest learned this after chatting with Nicholas and his Father, Simon, on Saturday. However, doctors have not ruled out amputating the child’s leg, which was broken in the collision.

After speaking with the youngster, Kumar commented, “This little boy is a living miracle.” “He claimed that he misses serving Jesus at the altar. He thanked all those praying for him.

In general, our little champion is doing well. Nicholas responds to Simon’s questions with names and dates very straightforwardly.”

Nichola’s kidneys, according to Kumar, have started to operate independently partially. It’s anticipated that Nicholas’ rehabilitation will take some time.

The crash on January 2 involved two Sea World Helicopters aircraft and killed pilot Ash Jenkinson, British newlyweds Diane and Ron Hughes, and Vanessa Tadros.

Winnie de Silva, a mother, and son from Geelong, was also severely hurt in the collision, although their circumstances eventually improved in the hospital.

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Seaworld Helicopter Crash: Nicholas Tadros May Lose His Leg

Nicholas’ ability to speak is a miracle, but he still has a long way to go in his recovery so it will be “baby steps.”

He stated that doctors have been working to preserve the severely broken right leg. “Since the possibility of losing his limb is still present, we must continue to pray that it will not be severed.

“As the viral infection is still severe, the physicians will probably decide by next week. Overall, our little champion is doing tremendous and constantly getting better.

Seaworld Helicopter Crash 2
Nicholas Tadros with his mom, who passed away in the crash. (Source: News)

After chatting with Nicholas’ Father, Simon, Father Suresh Kumar provided an update. “God be praised a thousandfold. He claimed on Facebook that Nicholas doesn’t suffer from a brain injury.

Although his voice is slightly slurred, Nicholas unambiguously responds to Simon’s questions with names and dates. He continues to be partially sedated.

“His mother, Vanessa, might have reached out and grasped his head to shield him from the blow.

She’s a heroine. When he can remember, Nicholas will be able to inform us. I pray for Vanessa’s soul to find peace.

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