Sen Sick

Sen Sick Drama and controversy received substantial media coverage. What happened to him? 

Sen Sick is a Professional VALORANT player who competes for the esports group Sentinels. He is renowned for his aggressive dueling style and outstanding playing abilities.

He is regarded as a competent and professional player in the VALORANT esports scene and has assisted in leading his team to multiple triumphs in tournaments and contests.

Previously, he played for Team Rossy, and their most recent match was against Team Subroza on December 5, 2022. 

The VCT 2023 – Americas League is the upcoming competition in which SicK will compete. At this time, SicK has earned a total of $114,050.00. SicK now has a rating of 1.17 after playing 6087 rounds.

After rostermania last year, he was listed as the replacement player for Sentinels. Since May of last year, he hasn’t played professionally.

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Sen Sick Drama And Controversy: What Happened To Him? Reddit Explained

Sen Sick speaks about his Drama and controversy via his YouTube channel.

Most fans who watched the player’s live broadcast during the game described him as hyperactive and inquired about his use of drugs in the comment area.

The gamer refuted the accusation, claiming that he typically speaks in such a manner and that no addictive substance was being consumed.

The Sentinels athlete also mentioned getting therapy for his mental health.

Sen Sick Drama
Sen Sick speaks about his Drama and controversy via his YouTube channel (Source: DotSports)

The gamer also discussed the allegations of infidelity with his ex-girlfriend, which he refuted by insisting that, despite their open relationship, he was faithful throughout the entire time.

Additionally, he talks about the Kyedae scandal and other subjects. According to the player, Kyedae’s situation is being addressed in confidence. He has, though, discussed the circumstance with his pal.

According to the gamer, the issue began when the girl gamer showed up at the Valorant Championship Tour Brazil event location, where she wasn’t meant to be.

The e-sports athlete added that he felt disrespected by the staff and his own friend’s actions throughout the tour because he was trying to assist the gamer girl in entering the arena. Still, the security personnel was not working with him.

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Is Sen Sick Arrested?

According to the inmate entries made by the Collin County jail, Ses Sick was detained on March 4 in Texas for criminal trespassing.

He has been jailed for two days and was still behind bars at the time of publication. He was jailed on a $5,000 bond after being charged with a Class B Misdemeanor. He is currently detained in Dallas, Texas’ Collin County Jail.

As per The Law Office of Andrew Williams, he might be subject to a fine of up to $2,000 or a jail sentence of up to 180 days.

Sen Sick Drama
According to the inmate entries made by the Collin County jail, Ses Sick was detained on March 4 in Texas for criminal trespassing (Source: Pkbnews)

He was taken into custody after an incident at a Ferrari vehicle dealership that he made public on his Twitter account.

Dot Esports was informed that Sen refused to leave the dealership after a worker asked him to do so.

He described the Company as “disrespectful” and acknowledged that Police were involved.

Sources claim that Sen is coping with personal troubles. The athlete has been approached by several other players, his family, and his friends. Former teammate ShahZam publicly requested he returns his calls.

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