The professional VALORANT player, Sen Sick controversy turned to another level after a fan rumor about his arrest news on social media handles. 

To those who don’t know, Sen Sick is a reputed Valorant player. Besides, the news caught a notable amount of attention after people knew that SEN SicK was arrested.

Sen sick is a Volarant who contests for the esports group Sentinels. Besides, he is entirely known for his aggressive playing style, and fans appreciate his playing abilities.

Previously, Sen Sick played for Team Rossy, and they recently played against Team Subroza on December 5, 2022. The VOLARANT is also regarded as one of the most competent and professional players in the VALORANT. 

So far in his playing career, he has led his team to win multiple triumphs in tournaments. As per the sources. Sick is all set to compete in The VCT 2023, so his fans are excited to see him connecting in the event, as since last May, he hasn’t played any event professionally. 

Is Sen Sick In Jail?

Sen Sick has been the media talk for the past few days, and people are asking if the player is currently in jail. As per the sources, he is currently in the county jail and has yet to receive bail.

Lately, he also talked about all the Drama and controversy via his YouTube channel, where he seemed emotional. Similarly, fans saw him being mentally unbalanced.

Sen Sick Jail
Sen Sick’s details after getting arrested. ( Source: One Esports)

With all the drama and controversy, he got arrested on a Class B offense near a Ferrari Dealership. His fans are eager to see him back and know about the ongoing situation that is definitely difficult for Sen to go through. 

Similarly, Sec Sick is reported to go through ‘Training’ after he is released, and this is yet to decide when and on what condition the VOLARANT player will be released. 

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Sen Sick Arrested For Criminal Trespassing- Case Update

Sen Sick is currently under police custody. Besides, he was arrested on March 4 in Texas for criminal trespassing. The sources have revealed that he has been in custody from March 4 to now. 

Further, the Valorant Player was detained on a $5,000 bond after being charged with a Class B Misdemeanor. He is serving his punishment in Dallas, Texas’ Collin County Jail.

NRG FNS talks about the Sen Sick in a live stream. ( Source: YouTube )

Apart from that, The Law Office of Andrew Williams, Sen might face a fine of up to $2,000 or be sentenced to jail for up to 180 days. However, the decision hasn’t been made yet, and more information is yet to come. 

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Where Is Sen Sick Now? 

As said earlier, Sen Sick has been arrested, and with his detention, people are searching for where he is now. Sen is now in county jail based in Dallas, Texas. However, he is yet to receive bail. 

So, we can say that more details will be given soon as soon as the decision regarding Sen’s case comes. At the time of this post, none of the officials from the side of Sen have talked with the media.

Sen Sick
Sen Sick is now in County Jail. ( Source: Twitter )

It is reported that Sick will also have to complete training after he is released. Meanwhile, none of the media outlets are able to get the info on his release date. On the other hand, his arrest news has dragged many people’s attention.

People share their thoughts regarding this topic by making multiple posts on Twitter and other social media handles.

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