Sergio Gori Malattia

People are curious about Bobo Gori Sergio Gori Malattia (Disease) before his death. Read the article to learn about the cause of death, the wife, and the footballer’s children.

Sergio Gori, known as Bobo, was one of the six players who won the Italian championship with three different clubs: Inter, Cagliari, and Juventus.

He made his Inter debut at a very early age, making ten appearances while also participating in the Intercontinental Cup victory in 1965 and the two championships won in 1964-65 and 1965-66.

He also played a part in the Champions Cup victory in 1964-65 and the Champions Cup victory in 1966. After the Vicenza encounter, he and Gigi Riva won the historic Scudetto in Cagliari.

He won the UEFA Cup and a second Scudetto with Juventus (1976–77 season). He relocated to Verona in the summer of 1977, where he finished his Serie A tenure.

Let’s get into the article about Sergio Gori Malattia and other details.

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Sergio Gori Malattia (Disease): Illness And Health Condition Before Death

People want to know about Sergio Gori Malattia. Bobo Gori was born in Milan on February 24, 1946, and passed away on April 5, 2023, in Sesto San Giovanni. He was an Italian football player who could be a striker or a defender.

The reason for Bobo Gori’s death and the suspected illness remains unknown. He had, however, spent 15 days in the Multimedica facility in Sesto San Giovanni.

Sergio Gori Malattia
Sergio Gori Malattia details. (Source: Caught Offside)

1970 was a memorable year for Bobo Gori because Italy summoned him up for the World Cup in Mexico following his Scudetto victory. He made his début against the hosts in the quarterfinals, losing 4-1.

Massimo Gori, also known as Bobo, former coach of Rimini, passed away just five days ago in a peculiar accident. The two men almost had the same last name. The latter’s crushing at age 62 was a sudden sickness.

Personal Life Details Of Sergio Gori

Bobo Gori, a Milanese by birth, was one of six Italian football players to win the national title while playing for three separate teams, Inter, Cagliari, and Juventus in his case.

The others are Attilio Lombardo, Pierino Fanna, Aldo Serena, Giovanni Ferrari, and Filippo Cavalli. He also served as a sports commentator toward the end of his tenure.

In 2013, Cagliari inducted him into their Hall of Fame. In an interview, he revealed the origin of his nickname, Bobo: “It was Giorgio Barsanti from Viareggio, Inter attacker in 1945–1946.

Sergio Gori Malattia
Sergio Gori dead because of illness. (Source: Internet)

He christened me after I had just been born, saying to my Father, “Bobo was born.”

He is a brief forward who wears the number nine on his shoulders and is a nominal center forward. He has been called Riva’s “ideal shoulder” on the left wing, the hub of Grande Cagliari’s attacking strategy.

He was a so-called maneuver striker who combined running, commitment, quality, and abundance. Daniela Gori was the wife of Bobo Gori. Saida, Davide, and Pietro were the three boys he had with his wife.

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