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Seun Kuti was denied access to his wife and was left to starve. Who are Seun Kuti kids and wife? 

Oluseun Anikulapo Kuti, better known by his stage name Seun Kuti, is a well-known Nigerian musician and activist.

The musician has won praise abroad for his energetic concerts and an unrelenting dedication to using music to advance social and political change.

Seun Kuti’s music best exemplifies Afrobeat, a style distinguished by its blend of highlife, funk, jazz, and traditional African rhythms.

He expertly fuses contagious melodies, bouncy rhythms, and potent lyrics to speak to social and political problems that plague Nigerian society and the African continent.

His songs frequently address injustice, governmental tyranny, poverty, and corruption. He has been detained on suspicion of assaulting a Police officer.

Who Is Nigerian Musician Seun Kuti Wife Yetunde Kuti?

Seun Kuti is married to his wife, Yetunde Kuti. However, no further details about Seun’s wife have been disclosed to the public or the media. 

As a result, we also do not have information on her personal and professional life.

The Nigerian musician and his wife Yetunde’s marriage exemplifies the importance of family and the carrying on of the Kuti legacy.

Seun Kuti Wife
Seun Kuti alongside his wife, Yetunde Kuti. (Source: Pusle Nigeria)

Yetunde was not allowed to feed or see her husband in a recent Seun detention incident.

As a result, Adeyinka Olumide-Fusika, a top Nigerian attorney and the lawyer for problematic musician Seun Kuti has raised worry for his client’s welfare.

The lawyer reports that the musician is allegedly starving while detained.

In a statement, Kuti’s attorney criticized the investigation into the event carried out by Benjamin Hundeyin, the public relations officer for the Lagos State Police.

In the same statement, Olumide-Fusika said that the music singer had starved because not only had the Police refused to provide his client food but also barred his wife from seeing him.

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Seun Kuti Kids: Nigerian Musician Daughter Adara Kuti

Seun Kuti has a daughter popularly known as Adara Kuti. Adara is his only child.

On December 16, 2013, Seun and his wife gave birth to a girl. They named the baby Ifafunmike Adara Anikulapo-Kuti.

Seun celebrated his daughter’s eighth birthday back in December 2022.

Seun Kuti Kids
Seun Kuti celebrates his daughter, Adara Kuti’s birthday. (Source: Linda Ikeji’s Blog)

The music artist posted eight images of his daughter wearing a traditional Yoruba aso-oke in purple and white while beaming joyfully.

In the post’s description, Seun Kuti complimented his daughter for being everything he could have wanted as a child.

Seun went on to say that he was glad to be in Adara’s life and that the most excellent part of the previous few years of his life had been seeing her develop.

Seun Kuti Arrest: Why Was The Nigerian Musician Arrested?

Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti was jailed at Lagos State’s Panti, the State Criminal Investigation Department, after being taken into custody on suspicion of allegedly assaulting a Police officer.

The head of the Police, Usman Alkali Baba, had ordered his arrest on Saturday. He was paraded by Police officers while being restrained.

Usman Baba, the Inspector-General of Police, issued an arrest warrant for Kuti after seeing a viral video of the musician punching a Police officer on Lagos State’s Third Mainland Bridge.

Seun alleged that the policeman tried to kill him and his family after his arrest.

Assaulting a Police officer while in uniform and performing their official duties is wrong, according to the Police Service Commission, which demanded that Seun Kuti be charged.

If found guilty of assaulting the Police officer, Kuti could receive a sentence of three years in jail.

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