Lewis Tan Tattoos

Prominent Actor Lewis Tan has several tattoos on his body, especially his arms and hand. He once said those designs are like a diary and part of his story.

Born Lewis Singwah Tan, Lewis Tan is an English Actor and a martial artist widely recognized for his role as Lu Xin Lee in Netflix’s first-ever Asian American series Wu Assassins.

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The England-born performer has been active in the entertainment industry since 1990. Within his over three decades-long careers, Lewis has starred in several movies and television series.

His notable works include Mortal Kombat, Deadpool 2, Shadow and Bone, and Into the Badlands. Besides his acting career, Tan is also famous for his tattoos. Let’s learn about his tattoos and their meaning in today’s short piece.

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Shadow and Bone: Lewis Tan Tattoo Meaning And Designs

The Shadow and Bone star, Lewis Tan, has a lot of tiny tattoos.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan in April 2021, the Actor admitted that he has many tattoos, which are part of his story. “I have a lot of tattoos – they are part of my story – like a diary.”

The 37-year-old star revealed that he has “grace” and “love” writing on his fingers in his ex-girlfriend’s handwriting. The performer said he parted ways with his former lover, but they were still great friends. Thus, those tattoos represent that feeling.

Lewis Tan Tattoos
Lewis Tan tattoos tell his life story – they are like a diary to the Actor. (Image Source: Instagram)

How Many Tattoos Does Lewis Tan Have?

The exact number of tattoos on the Actor’s body is unknown. But he has many of them, and the number is constantly growing. Some of them are listed below based on Morgana Ravens 2021 report.

Head And Neck – 2

Lewis has two designs on his head and neck area. The first design – a white rose – is on the right side of his head. The second one is at the back of his neck – Chinese characters meaning servant written.

Arms – 11

Here is the list of all the known designs and their locations in the Actor’s arms

  1. Inner upper left arm – a long phrase
  2. Inner left arm – the word “Billie” with a rose
  3. The inner left arm (below other) – flower in black and white letters A and W
  4. Inner forearm – Hebrew word (melech) meaning “King”
  5. Front of the left forearm – two Chinese characters
  6. Left forearm by the wrist – Thai characters meaning “I am Love”
  7. Inner right arm – Angel
  8. Inner right arm besides “Angel” design – a long phrase
  9. Frond right forearm – “Victory” word
  10. Lower right arm by the wrist – British royal crown
  11. Right arm above thumb – an Arabic word meaning time

Hands – 

  1. The index finger of the left hand – “139”
  2. Left hand, side of ring finger – “Love”
  3. Between the thumb and index finger on the left hand’s back – “Tan” in Chinese characters
  4. Right-hand index finger – “Grace”
  5. Right-hand ring finger – A dagger

Moreover, Lewis Tan has eight tattoos on his torso and leg.

Lewis Tan Parents And Ethnicity

Born on 4 February 1987, Lewis Singwah Tan is a Salford, England native. He grew up in Los Angeles. Philip Tan and Joanne Cassidy are his Father and mother, respectively.

Lewis Tan Tattoos
Lewis Tan has three siblings. (Image Source: Instagram)

Lewis is the eldest of four kids of his parents. His brother, Sam Tan, is also an Actor. Also, his youngest sibling Evan is reportedly a photographer.

While Lewis Tan’s dad is a well-established Actor, his mom is a former British fashion model. His dad is also a Chinese Singaporean martial artist and stunt coordinator. Growing up, the Mortal Kombat star lived in China, Spain, and France.

His family relocated to Los Angeles when his dad was hired as a fight coordinator for Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman. As his Father is a martial artist, the Actor began training from a young age. He also started his theater training in his early teenage years.

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