Shahzada Dawood, the businessman

The UK-based board member of the Prince’s Trust charity and his teen son are among the five people missing in the submarine. Take a look at Shahzada Dawood family. 

Shahzada Dawood, the UK-based board member of the Prince’s Trust charity, and his 19 years old son, Sulaiman Dawood, are currently in the media headlines.

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The father and son are among the five who went missing the submarine that set off the wreck of the Titanic before they lost their communication of feet underwater. 

The news was shared on online sources today. Family and friends are waiting for the positive news to come and hoping to find them safe and healthy. 

Additionally, Shahzada serves as the Vice Chairman of Engro Corporation. The Dawood family is also listed as the richest in Pakistan. 

Investigators are continuing their desperate search, and his family is happy about the concern being shown by their close ones.

As per the sources, Dawood and his son with three others were aboard the vessel, which is fitted with only 96 hours of oxygen supply, a family statement said.

Insight Into Shahzada Dawood Family

Shahzada Dawood is a family man a father and a husband. Currently his family is in the biggest pain currently. Dawood is the father of two. Along with his wife, Dawood was spending a happy life.

There is nothing much to share about Dawood’s family as he is just known for his professional career. Dawood’s family photos are widely shared online, making it clear that Dawood loved spending time with his wife and kids. 

Shahzada Dawood Family
Shahzada Dawood is a family person; the above picture shows Dawood’s happy married life with his wife. (Source: Daily Life)

Dawood’s parent’s details are yet to be updated as their names and professional details are still to be updated on the online sources. Additionally, the official details of his ethnicity have yet to be revealed. 

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Shahzada Dawood Wikipedia Bio

Shahzada Dawood is one of Pakistan’s richest men, and his bio is still to be featured on Wikipedia. However, his professional career details are widely shared on many official websites. 

The Dawood family has strong links to the UK, and he is believed to live in a Surrey mansion with his family. As per the sources, he was born in Pakistan but moved to the UK.

Shahzada Dawood Wikipedia Bio
 The Vice Chairman of Engro Corporation, Shahzada Dawood is still to be featured on Wikipedia. (Source: Daily Mail)

Similalry, Dawood studied law at the University of Buckingham. Shahzada is currently in the media headlines after the missing news of Dawood, his son, and three more people circulated over the media sources. 

Well-wishers and his family members are praying for them, and multiple posts have been shared on the social media handles where everyone is praying to found them safe. 

Dawood’s professional life details can be learned from various online sources. However, people shall wait longer to explore their private life. 

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How Old Is Shahzada Dawood?

As per the latest reports, Shahzada Dawood is 49 years old.

However, the complete details of his birth facts are still to be shared. Also, the details of his early life are barre from the media sources. 

Shahzada Dawood age
Social media users sharing Shahzada Dawood’s missing case on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Shahzada currently resides in England, and he holds Pakistani nationality. Furthermore, Dawood is fond of photography and is a passionate animal lover.

In addition, Dawood graduated with M.Sc. in Global Textile Marketing from Philadelphia University, USA, and an LLB from Buckingham University, UK.


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