Daljeet Kaur Husband

Daljeet Kaur’s Husband, Shalin Bhanot, is a well-known Indian television Actor, and both have participated in the reality show BigBoss. However, both called their relationship quits in 2015.

After having a similar fan base in the entertainment industry, their split-off was a significant shock which often saw them together. Many people adored them as a couple, and they have a son.

As their separation was based on domestic violence, many people had a huge question mark and sought proper investigation and legal procedure.

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Who Is Shalin Bhanot? Daljeet Kaur’s Husband And Their Married Life

Shalin Bhanot was the former husband of Daljeet Kaur. As they shared the profession of being on different television shows as performers, they eventually gained feelings for each other.

'Bigg Boss 16': Dalljiet Kaur Denies Being Ex-Husband Shalin Bhanot's 'Best Friend'
‘Bigg Boss 16’: Daljeet Kaur Denies Being Ex-Husband Shalin Bhanot’s ‘Best Friend’ (Source- Outlook India)

Likewise, he is also an Indian television Actor known for starring in various shows and web series. In 2022, he participated in Bigg Boss 16, and his claims about their marriage are currently in the headlines.

On the sets of Kulbadhu, the duo had initially met and dated shortly after. Likewise, they decided to marry on 9 December 2009. Around six years of their marriage tie, they called it an end in 2015.

Daljit filed divorce against Shalin, accusing him on the grounds of domestic violence. She mentioned that he was unsupportive even when Kaur was pregnant.

She expressed to the media that their trouble in marriage had started the next day of the wedding as her mother-in-law stopped talking to her as she was unhappy with the wedding gifts.

Daljeet Kaur And Shalin Bhanot Son 

From the marriage of Daljeet Kaur and Shalin Bhanot, they welcomed their only child, Jaydon Kaur. After around four years after their marriage, he was born in 2014.

Even though the two of them had called off their relationship on a sour note, they keep efforts not to show a bitter side as a parent, so they meet once or twice every two months because they want their son to maintain a relationship with Shalin.

Likewise, she promptly shares his picture on her social media sites on different occasions, and this mother-son duo is adored publically.

Dalljiet Kaur Opens 'Beautiful Chapters' Of Her Life With Son
Daljeet Kaur Opens ‘Beautiful Chapters’ Of Her Life With Son (Source- NDTV)

Based on his age, he must focus on his academics and schooling, but Daljit often brings her son in the advertisement-related clips.

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Daljeet Kaur And Shalin Bhanot Net Worth Difference

Per the Net Worth Post, Daljeet Kaur has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars, whereas according to The Sports Grail, Shalin Bhanot is the 1 million net worth owner.

They have a significant difference of 0.5 million dollars even though they have been involved in the industry as a performer on television shows. 

Moreover, Daljit has been active in the platform professionally since 2004, whereas Shalin emerged in this sector in 2005. Both have international-based viewers and fans.

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