Shalom Harlow illness

Shalom Harlow illness caused a significant physical and mental toll on her. What happened to the Canadian model?

The Canadian model stepped into fashion modeling in the early 1990s, becoming a supermodel within the decade.

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In 2007, Forbes listed Shalom as 13th in the list of the World’s 15 Top-Earning Supermodels.

She is also an actress, appearing in films like In & Out, Head Over HeelsVanilla SkyHappy Here & Now, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Besides, Shalom is an eminent TV personality, who co-hosted MTV’s House of Style with fellow supermodel Amber Valletta, and appeared in When I Was a Girl and The Jury.

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Shalom Harlow Illness And Health Update: What Happened To the Canadian Model?

Shalom Harlow contracted Lyme disease and severe black mold poisoning from a former house on the central California coast she lived in with her partner.

Following the health problem she got from a contaminated home in Big Sur, she went on a hiatus for eight years.

Further, Shalom experienced C-PTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) due to the illnesses. “Deep chronic illness will incite a nervous breakdown,” she wrote on Instagram.

She added that such multilayered chronic illnesses and autoimmune disturbances mainly affect women, making it essential to prioritize their needs.

Shalom’s health issues worsened before her 40th birthday in 2013. She was bedridden and even needed a wheelchair to get around.

Desperate for a solution, she traveled to London for a fecal implant, the first in a series of medical interventions that started her recovery.

Afterward, she started the emotional and spiritual work she had long ignored. Shalom moved to a small West Coast town and started healing.

“It wasn’t a choice; it was mandated. I got sick,” Shalom shared. The two things happened concurrently and affected her greatly.

She finds her recovery of health and regaining of strength a substantial accomplishment. 

Shalom Harlow illness health
Shalom Harlow is doing things a bit differently this time (Source: In Style)

“To be able to perform at this level is a celebration for me. That I can work every day in a healthy body close to my fifth decade—that’s the career highlight,” she added.

The fashion world was clamoring for its elusive star; Shalom decided to return to work in 2019 in a long-awaited comeback as she walked a show for Versace.

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A Look Into Shalom Harlow Family Background

Shalom Harlow was born in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, to her parents, Sandi Herbert and David Harlow.

While her mother, Sandi, worked with developmentally disabled adults, her father, David, held several jobs as a social worker, financial investor, and real estate agent.

Her mom named her Shalom, Hebrew for “peace,” used as a standard greeting in the language.

Sandi and David allowed their daughter to grow up in a “hippie community just outside Toronto.”

Shalom has two younger brothers, Chris and Nathan. The family spent time at their cottage, made by Shalom’s great-great-grandfather.

The Canadian model initially took up ballet; she later found it not to be her. She became interested in tap dancing since she enjoyed the noise it created.

Regarding her marital status, Shalom is unmarried (and single). She is rumored to have dated James Gooding, Peter Sarsgaard, Terry Richardson, and Johnny Zander.

Shalom Harlow family
Amber, Carolyn, and Shalom: The Never-ending Joy of ’90s Supermodels. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

Born on December 5, 1973, Shalom is currently 50 years old, and her birth sign is Sagittarius.

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