Shanin Blake, the singer

Why is Shanin Blake death news trending? People are concerned to know whether she is linked to burning man Leon Reece. Let’s check below!

Shanin Blake is famous as moniker Sunshine999 on social media. For those who don’t know, she gained a massive fan following in 2020 for her hippie or naturalist aesthetic.

Likewise, Shanin is best known for her music. In 2013, she uploaded her first song, Bag of Hammers, on YouTube. Over these many years, she has uploaded many tracks, including The Game and an album titled Soul Child. 

Apart from her professional career, Shanin is currently in the media limelight for her relationship with Leon Reece. The 32-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene at the Burning Man festival. 

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Shanin Blake Death News Went Viral

Shanin Blake is one of the most searched names on the internet after her death news caught the attention of the fans on the internet. 

Blake’s death news has been circulating like a burning fire; however, there is no truth about it so far. This is believed to be just a rumor; hence, it has been confirmed.

Shanin’s death news appeared on the media sources after law enforcement announced that Leon Reece had died at the festival. 

Shanin Blake death news
People are talking about the death news of Shanin Blake; however, this hasn’t been confirmed yet. (Source: Twitter)

Blake hasn’t been confirmed dead at the time of this writing so more details may appear in the future. Following her Instagram handle, her last IG video was shared on September 5. 

Shanin’s death news has kept her fans in deep sorrow; they are trying to find the truth behind this it. In addition, Twitter user @buckadeath was one of the many who alleged that Shanin Blake had passed. 

Another platform user claimed they were confident Shanin Blake had died. As no official details have been shared, it remains unknown if the influencer has passed away. 

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Is Shanin Blake Linked To Burning Man Leon Reece?

After the singer Shanin Blake’s death news was shared all over the media sources, fans have asked if she is linked with Leon Reece, the 32-year-old man who died at a festival. 

Well, no articles are talking about the relationship between Shanin and Leon. The man was pronounced dead at the festival; however, the reason behind his suspicious death remains unknown. 

Shanin Blake linked to burning Man Leon Reece
Shanin Blake is linked to Burning Man Leon Reece; after her death news went viral. (Source: Twitter)

Investigations are believed to be ongoing so more details may be updated soon. Shanin’s name is linked with Leon, as the young singer’s death news is also going viral. 

Hence, Shanin and Leon had no link, as it might be a coincidence that people thought they knew each other. 

All About Shanin Blake, The Singer

Shanin Blake is a social media personality and singer. She has over 300k followers on her Instagram handle, and people are fans of her singing talent. 

Apart from her professional career, Blake has also received several critics online. Netizens have accused her of cultural appropriation since she often sported dreadlocks.

Shanin Blake bio
Shanin Blake is a social media influencer and a singer; she loves sharing her pictures with her fans. (Source: Instagram)

Similalry, Blake’s music has also left internet users weary, and he has been accused of trying to copy Black artists’ “music style.”

For more updates, she can be followed on Instagram under the username @shaninblake, where she has posted her videos and photos with her fans. 

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