Shanquella Robinson friend, Daejanae Jackson, publically demanded to be arrested for physically harassing her, who was later found dead. With this, the headlines have surfaced all over the internet, creating shock among the viewers.

The group of friends had gone to Cabo, Mexico, for vacation, but later a tragic incident shocked all.

Since the video of Robinson getting beaten has been viral, the other friends who accompanied her have also been on the suspect list.

Moreover, the investigation authority has come forward to know about the whereabouts, and soon the culprits will face punishment. The family member of the victim has also shouted for justice.

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What Did Daejanae Jackson Do; She Has Gone Viral On Social Media

Daejanae Jackson has been allegedly found brutally attacking her friend Shanquella Robinson. Her other friends shared the clip of her being beaten on social media platforms which has gone viral.

Shanquella Robinson story triggers call for friends behind Mexico video to be imprisoned
Shanquella Robinson story triggers call for friends behind Mexico video to be imprisoned (Source- YouTube)

In the clip, Shanquella was naked while being beaten up by Jackson. The friends who toured with the victim stayed in the room and recorded the brutal attack on their phones.

Many people have suspected the culprit as Jackson, but it is necessary to note that the Police have not confirmed netizens’ assumption that the aggressor was Jackson. 

Is Shanquella Robinson Friend Daejanae Jackson Arrested? Suspects

Shanquella Robinson’s friend Daejanae Jackson’s arrest whereabouts have not been out yet. The authorities may soon detain her and other girls who accompanied her on vacation.

After Robinson did not contact her parents, Bernard and Salamandra Robinson had not returned home, and her parents got highly tensed and tried contacting her friends.

Later, one of her best friends, Khalil Cooke, said that her daughter died of alcohol poisoning, which seems to be a significant question about the murder.

As she was highly injured, diverting her death to another cause made the case suspects to all her pals. When the autopsy report reached, they said nothing had affected her with alcohol.

Social media has surfaced with the vedio of different aspects related to Shanquella Robinson case
Social media has surfaced with the video of different aspects related to Shanquella Robinson’s case (Source- YouTube)

As many people have suspected them of Daejanae, Police have not officially confirmed it. Since Robinson’s six friends have allegedly removed their social media profiles, the suspects have been leaning more toward them.

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Social Media Users Have Started To Raise Voice For Shanquella Robinson

As the case has spread like Fire over social media sites, the Shanquella Robinson issue has been all over the internet, and most people have assumed each friend’s hand in the murder case.

Even though Shanquella was found dead after around twenty-four hours of the brutality, the online user believes that her health condition must have worsened due to major brutality and injury.

At one point in the video, a friend can be heard cheering on the aggressor, which is the primary scene of being bullied. All the friends have demanded to be kept in prison, primarily focusing on Daejanae Jackson.

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