Shanquella Robinson Investigation

Shanquella Robinson’s investigation has taken a new turn after a video allegedly showed her being brutally beaten.

Police authorities are now treating the death of Shanquella Robinson in Mexico as a homicide.

It was initially thought to be caused by alcohol poisoning, but an autopsy report and a recent disturbing video appear to show otherwise.

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Shanquella Robinson Investigation Update: New Video On Twitter? Was She A Man?

Cops are now investigating the death of Shanquella Robinson as a homicide after a video reportedly showed her being brutally beaten.

Shanquella Robinson was a 25-year-old lady from Charlotte, North Carolina. She was a hairdresser by profession.

On October 29, 2022, doctors found her dead in a luxury villa in Cabo, Mexico, where she had traveled to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Horrific footage emerged of her being beaten by one of her friends. It showed a naked Shanquella being assaulted in the resort by one of her female friends while a male acquaintance was filming the attack.

In the footage, a man’s voice taunts Shanquella, saying: “Can you at least fight back.” She tries to get away and replies, “no,” before the woman slams her to the floor.

Shanquella Robinson hotel room attack
Shanquella Robinson hotel room attack is captured in a brutal, graphic video. (Source: TMZ)

Moreover, an autopsy report from the Mexican Secretariat of Health obtained by her family indicates she had suffered a broken neck and a cracked spine. It had no mention of alcohol.

In a significant U-turn, Mexican authorities have confirmed her passing is being investigated as a homicide, as reported by The Daily Beast.

The State Attorney General’s Office for Baja Sur said, “Initially, the investigation file was opened as a femicide,” which means a hate crime against women, killing them purely due to their gender.

However, the authorities have stated that they would reclassify the investigation as a standard homicide if detectives found she wasn’t killed because of her gender.

The authorities said they would “collect more evidence and achieve an accurate clarification with the facts, without ruling out any hypothesis.”

The update from local Mexican cops contradicts a statement from the U.S. State Department that stated there wasn’t enough evidence to prove Shanquella was murdered.

Recent Developments In The Shanquella Robinson Case

The recent video is making the rounds on the internet and social media. The family has reached out to the FBI’s Charlotte office for help.

In a statement to WBTV, the Bureau stated that they were aware of the video circulating online and requested “anyone with related photos or video to contact the FBI.”

The case has sparked calls for justice from activists and celebrities, including rapper Cardi B.

Shanquella is survived by her mother, Sallamondra, and Father, Bernard Robinson. The latter said his daughter flew to Cabo on October 28.

Shanquella Robinson mother
Shanquella Robinson (right) and her mother (left). (Source: Yahoo News)

She was found dead a day later, with her friends returning from the trip and telling them their daughter was sick and died from alcohol poisoning before a doctor showed up to attempt to revive her.

The grieving family mentioned that Mexican authorities also told them Shanquella had died from alcohol poisoning. But a copy of her autopsy report and the recent video appears to point otherwise.

“It was never a fight. She didn’t fight,” a heartbroken Sallamondra said. “They attacked her.”

Likewise, her devastated Father said he was crying and trying to figure out what had happened. He also mentioned that all of this felt like a nightmare and wished for the truth to be out.

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