Shanquella Robinson Parents

Bernard Robinson and Salamondra Robinson are Shanquella Robinson parents. The grieving parents shout for justice.

Shanquella Robinson is a North Carolina woman who went to Mexico, Cabo, for vacation with six pals on 28 October 2022.

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But the next day, the 25-year-old was found dead in a luxury rental property in Baja California Sur. It has been over one month, and there have been many twists and turns in Shanquella Robinson’s case.

While the FBI is investigating, Mexican prosecutors request the extradition of one of Shanquella’s acquaintances. Although bringing justice will not put everything back into its place, it is the last thing she must get.

Shanquella Robinson’s parents want answers on what happened to their beloved daughter. But who are they? In today’s article, let’s get to know the victim’s dad and mom.

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Who Are Shanquella Robinson Parents? Father Bernard And Mother Salamondra Robinson

Bernard Robinson and Salamondra Robinson are Shanquella Robinson’s parents.

On 29 October 2022, Salamondra discovered her daughter had died in Mexico. The last time they spoke was on the phone on 28 October.

Shanquella Robinson Parents
Shanquella Robinson with her mother. (Source: Yahoo News)

At that time, Shanquella said she was getting ready to eat. So, Salamondra told her to enjoy herself and hung up the call saying talk to you tomorrow. However, the mother-daughter never talked again.

When the grieving parents asked how their daughter had passed away, they felt authorities had only given them the runaround. They said it was because of alcohol poisoning. Moreover, Shanquella Robinson’s friend told different stories.

Shanquella Robinson Father – I Am Not Doing Well

Both of Shanquella’s parents must be suffering the tragic loss. In an interview, Bernard Robinson said he struggles daily and is not doing well.

Bernard said his life had turned upside down and shouted for justice. Mr. Robinson asked to show him what happened over there in Mexico.

Shanquella Robinson Parents
Bernard Robinson believes Shanquella’s ***** was set up. (Source: New York Post)

The video evidence clearly showed Bernard’s daughter got brutally attacked on the night of her demise. He saw his girl with a knot on her head, swollen eye, and a cut lip at the funeral House.

The heartbroken dad said he raised Shanquella to love and respect people. Bernard went on, “My daughter isn’t a fighter,” Mr. Robinson added he didn’t “raise her to be that kind of way.”

Like the rest of his family, Bernard Robinson is seeking clarification on what happened to his daughter, whom he described as a “really loving youngster,” in light of the newly revealed information.

Because she’s not here, every day is a struggle for me, Bernard Robinson said. “I can’t hear her voice, I can’t lead her down the aisle, and I can’t be a grandpa.”

Shanquella Robinson Autopsy Result

None of the victim’s friend’s stories made sense. On top of that, the autopsy result told a different story.

The victim’s family learned that the 25-year-old’s ***** was due to a broken neck and cracked spine, and there was no mention of alcohol.

In addition, the autopsy result showed the estimated time between the injury and ***** to be 15 minutes.

Six of the victim’s friends returned from the trip without her. After two weeks and $6000 in transport fees later, Shanquella’s body arrived at the family.

After the video of Shanquella getting beaten surfaced, all of the victim’s friends who accompanied her were on the suspect list.

Hopefully, Shanquella will receive justice soon in the coming days. At last, we wish the Robinson family strength to fight and cope with the loss of their beloved daughter.

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