Sharon Hinck Illness

Sharon Hinck is an award-winning journalist and media personality, and Sharon Hinck Illness has piqued people’s interest.

Author Sharon Hinck, a recipient of numerous awards, writes “stories for the hero in all of us” that follow regular people on incredible spiritual journeys.

She writes women’s fiction, humorous contemporary fiction, the groundbreaking Sword of Lyric fantasy series, and her newest Dancing Realms series, which are all known for their realism, emotional variety, and spiritual depth.

For her fantasy book Hidden Current, Sharon has received a Christy Finalist Medal, three Carol Awards, and a 2020 Christy Award in the Visionary category.

Additionally, Hinck recently released the cover of Shadow Of Honor via her IG account.

The award-winning author does and curates everything with love, and her humble and down-to-earth personality doesn’t fail to amaze everyone. 

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Sharon Hinck Illness And Health Update: What Happened To Award-Winning Author?

People are more curious about Sharon Hinck’s Illness, and the good news is that she is excellent when writing this article.

However, during a conversation with Agape Review, which Justine Johnston Hemmestad interviewed, Sharon confessed her illness of having heavy grief.

Although the pain is not physical, our minds and mental health are vital in our sound day-to-day activities.

Sharon Hinck Illness
Sharon Hinck after winning the ACFW Carol Award. (Source: Instagram)

The Carol award-winning author spoke about career, faith, and her illness during that particular interview.

Since she has achieved so much in her life, it is natural for fans to be so thoughtful and curious regarding her health.

Sharon said, “I recently had to go through a time of heavy grief and tiring health challenges and decided to take a few months’ breaks from writing.”

The author disclosed that her work influenced her to visualize the character and continue her story.

Other than that, Hinck hasn’t precisely mentioned the exact health challenges she is going through.

Luckily, their writing sensation is healthy, and she seems focused on her next pursuits.

A Brief Look At Sharon Hinck’s Career And Life

Sharon began her professional writing career as an artistic director in 1986 at CrossCurrent Dance Theatre. Three quick missions to Hong Kong were part of that ministry.

Furthermore, she has worked as a church youth worker, ballet instructor and choreographer, homeschooling mother, church organist, and book salesperson.

After working as an artistic director for a decade, Hinck is now a dedicated and thriving author, novelist, and editor.

She is also the author at Bethany House Publishers, and she writes novels about ordinary women on extraordinary faith journeys.

Additionally, Sharon has scores of articles in books and periodicals, and in 2006, she published her debut novel.

She received the “Writer of the Year” award from Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in April 2007.

Sharon Hinck Illness
Sharon Hinck is the author of the famous book Dream of Kings. (Source: Instagram)

In her spare time, Sharon enjoys sharing at conferences, retreats, and church groups and working as an adjunct professor for Concordia University’s creative writing MFA program.

Moving on to her personal life, Hinck currently resides in Minnesota with her family. The author is blessed with a prosperous and thriving personal life and has a loving husband named Ted. 

What Is Sharon Hinck Net Worth In 2023?

People usually keep their net worth and salary earnings private, as is the case with award-winning author Sharon Hinck.

She has not disclosed any information regarding her net worth and income. However, a person working as an author earns around $78,368 annually on average.

So, we can expect Sharon’s salary also to be around that range. Whatever the case, we hope she is leading a comfortable lifestyle with her hard-earned fortune.

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