Shatta Bway Wife Eva Seoke Death photo

Shatta Bway wife, Eva Seoke *****, has become a hot topic on the internet. Keep reading this article to find out more info.

Eva Seoke was the wife of Shatta Bway, a well-known Radio Citizens Raggae presenter. Furthermore, he has been active in the scene for a long time.

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Not to mention, Bway’s boomerang impact and laconic prayers have been felt by a large fan base. In the same way, Shatta is naturally bombarded with many emerging issues in the country.

Also, Bway is usually known to talk as it is, with stupendous energy and performance. Apart from that, Shatta is currently in the spotlight as people are sharing a condolence message to him as he lost his wife.

Shatta Bway Wife Eva Seoke ***** Photos

Fans and followers on social media have been searching for Shatta Bway wife, Eva Seoke ***** photos. People got confused about it as Bway paid tribute to his late wife and also shared a family photo on his Facebook handle.

On June 26, 2023, Bway took to social media to share the heartbreaking news with his followers, expressing his shattered state of mind. 

Shatta Bway Wife
Shatta Bway wife passed away on June 26, 2023, and people paid tribute to the late soul. ( Source: Twitter )

While sharing the tragic news, he wrote, “The last thing I could have ever imagined was that you’d leave me. That you’d rest. That you’d go ahead of me. That you’d leave me to raise our children on my own. I don’t know what to say. When sorrows like the sea, billows roll. Rest well, Mama Jaheim.” 

To the huge loss in the Shatta family, Genius Celebs also pays heartfelt condolences to the whole family and relatives.

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Shatta Bway Cause of *****: How Did He Die?

Shatta Bway cause of ***** has not been shared with the media.

Bway has already revealed tragic news on his Facebook handle, and in a video posted on his account, people can see him sharing moments with his family.

Following that, tribtues and condolence messages for the whole family started pouring online.

Apart from that, Bway has also released the details regarding Mini Harambee, and it was organized on June 28, 2023, at All Saints Cathedral in Town. 

Shatta Bway Cause of *****
Shatta Bway’s wife has passed away, but the details regarding her ***** cause remain unclear. ( Source: Twitter )

A devasted well-wisher of Bway wrote, “Sorry for the loss, Rastaman’! Jah shall wash away all the tears.

In this trying moment, God grants you a big heart to be strong in this trying moments. It is well with her. REST IN PEACE.”

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Eva Seoke Biography and Age Explored

Eva Seoke was the wife of a famous radio presenter Jacob Maunda aka Shatta Bway. She recently passed away, but it remains unknown at what age she died.

There are no details regarding Eva’s personal and professional life as she came into the media after marrying Shatta.

Eva Seoke Biography
Eva Seoke and her husband Shatta had started a family of their own. ( Source: Facebook )

Exploring her husband’s Facebook account, it can be said that the duo had started a family of their own.

In his images, we can see two children. So, it is believed that Shatta and his wife welcomed two kids.

As the ***** of Eva currently devasts the family, they are also seeking privacy, and everyone should also respect the family’s privacy. 

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