Shawn Pomrenke Jail

People wonder if Shawn Pomrenke is in Jail after he got arrested in 2012 on suspicion of DUI.

On the Discovery Channel’s “Bering Sea Gold,” also known as “Gold Divers” in the UK, Shawn Pomerenke and his Father frequently appear. Shawn and his Father are the owners of Christine Rose, a dredge that serves as the channel’s preferred location for ********. 

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They spend their time at sea searching the seafloor for gold. Shawn does not strictly follow in his Father’s ethical and moral footsteps, even though his Father is renowned for having a solid moral compass.

Pomerenke has been involved in two widely reported incidents, the first of which resulted in him suffering severe bodily harm and the second of which resulted in his arrest on several counts.

Is Shawn Pomrenke In Jail? 

Shawn Pomrenke didn’t spend any time in Jail due to the incident, though the outcome of the charges has not been made public.

According to TMZ, Shawn was detained in 2012 on suspicion of DUI after allegedly rear-ending a pedestrian and eluding Police.

Shawn Pomrenke arrested
‘Bering Sea Gold’ Star Shawn Pomrenke was Arrested. (Source: Twitter)

Pomerenke took part in a much chillier incident in 2013. While the following is sufficient to persuade people to think differently about the amiable character, most people must be convinced. Shawn struck a customer carrying their groceries as he reversed out of a parking space.

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When the Police finally caught up with Pomerenke, they had him take a breathalyzer test, which revealed that he had a.125 blood alcohol level.

What Did Shawn Pomrenke Do?

The largest gold dredge featured on the show’s co-owner Shawn Pomrenke was detained on December 9th, 2012, in Nome, Alaska, and later booked on four counts of DUI. He drove without insurance, fled the accident scene, and suffered a third-degree assault.

The criminal complaint claims that Shawn struck a pedestrian carrying groceries as he backed out of a parking lot, smiled, and then ran off.

When Police caught up with Shawn down the road, they say he admitted to having a few drinks and driving without insurance. Shawn allegedly failed a field sobriety test and blew a.125 blood alcohol reading on a breathalyzer, which is near twice the legal limit.

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On the spot, Shawn was taken into custody. Discovery’s spokesperson was silent, and Shawn’s attorney did not return calls.

Shawn Pomrenke Arrest And Charges

Pomrenke, the lead Actor on the popular Discovery Channel series “Bearing Sea Gold: Under the Ice,” was stopped by Police for speeding more than 100 mph after blowing over the legal DUI limit.

Shawn Pomrenke bering sea gold
On December 6, 2022, Discovery Channel premiered Season 15 of Bering Sea Gold. (Source:

In addition to three other charges, including driving without insurance, leaving the scene of the accident, and third-degree assault on a citizen, Shawn was charged with a DUI. 

Pomrenke’s need for speed resulted in his arrest in November. According to Police reports, Pomrenke was driving along the highways in Nome, Alaska, at a rate that set records—102 mph. Police also observed that he did not signal when changing lanes.

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In 2012, Shawn Pomerenke fought with another patron while frequenting the same bar. After some verbal blows, someone drew a knife. Shawn had to spend time in the hospital recovering from the effects of the altercation after being stabbed in the back.

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