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Shayden Walker sister name has been searched heavily on the internet. If you want to know more about his family life, keep reading till the end.

Shayden Walker is a young boy from the United States of America whose name has been making rounds on the internet for quite a while now. His TikTok video went viral; everyone has been asking about the boy.

Not to mention, Walker went viral after showing up at a neighbor’s home, asking them if they had any children that were his age.

Walker also said that other kids had bullied him, adding that he was lonely.

Furthermore, Walker is said to be a 12-year-old boy, and everyone has supported him since his video went viral.

The video has also gained the eyes of many people from different places.

What Is Shayden Walker Sister Name?

Shayden Walker sister’s name has not been shared with the media, but online users have been asking many questions about her.

In the viral video, Walker mentioned that he used to play with his 2-year-old younger sister.

Due to that, people were shocked, and many were also worried as multiple rumors circulated on the internet.

Someone claimed that his sister may have passed away, as Walker said that he used to play with her when she was two years.

Shayden Walker sister
Shayden Walker has a younger sister who is doing fine and alive. (Source: TikTok)

The young boy didn’t give further info leaving netizens in a dilemma. Moreover, all the rumors have already been cleared as Walker’s sister is said to be no more than two years.

His sister is said to be living with her mother and brother. 

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Shayden Walker Parents: Meet His Mother and Father

Shayden Walker was born to his doting parents in the United States of America. His mother’s name is Krishna Patterson, while his father’s name remains unclear.

It seems like Walker’s father and mother have already separated as the young boy lives with his stepfather Dustin who has also come forward to talk about Shayden.

Shayden Walker Mother
Shayden Walker’s mother Krishna is supportive whose name has also gained widespread recognition. (Source: Facebook)

Dustin shared a video saying his stepson is a totally different kid than he was just last week, as Walker thanked everyone for their support.

Not to mention, Brennan Ray and Angell Hammersmith had started a fundraiser on GoFundMe in support of the young boy and a total of $37,257 was raised.

The fundraiser has already been stopped as they have received huge  support and now they don’t receive any funds now.

Shayden Walker Family and Ethnicity Explored

Shayden Walker family has shown tremendous support. Walker seems to have siblings, but their names are unavailable on the internet. In addition to that, Walker’s actual ethnicity has not been shared yet.

Furthermore, his mother, Krishna, is an active Facebook user who has shared various snaps with her close ones. According to her bio, she works as an outbound supervisor at R+L Carriers.

Shayden Walker Family
Shayden Walker was photographed with his family members, and Krishna shared an image on Facebook. (Source: Facebook)

In the past, she has also worked as Customer Service and OSD clerk at R+L Carriers. Also, Krishna is a former Licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent at Sitel. 

Her Facebook bio shows that she has also gained various experiences by working in many companies and has held multiple positions. 

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