Sheila Bellush Death

After episode two of “Blood and Money” has been out, which covers the story of Sheila Bellush *****, many have shown keen interest in learning about her personal life, husband, and family tree.

Sheila Bellush was a young mother who was brutally murdered in her residence in Sarasota, Florida, in 1997.

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Bellush was married to Allen Blackthorne, a wealthy businessman, and the couple had four children together.

However, their marriage was troubled, and they eventually separated. Sheila moved to Florida with her children and began dating a man named Jamie Bellush, whom she later married.

On 7th November 1997, Sheila Bellush was found dead in her home by her 13-year-old daughter. She had been shot multiple times and her throat had been slashed. Her infant twins were found unharmed in their cribs.

After her tragic *****, many were interested to learn more about her life, including details of her second husband, Jamie, and her three family.

Hence, stick with us till the end as we will cover information about her life story.

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Sheila Bellush ***** Case: How Did She Die?

After Sheila was killed on 7th November 1997, investigators soon discovered that Bellush’s ex-husband, Allen Blackthorne, had hired hitmen to kill her.

Blackthorne was convicted of conspiracy to commit ****** and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

After Sheila was granted custody of their kids, her ex-husband began to harass her because he was dissatisfied with their divorce.

He used a private detective to find her after the Bellush family relocated to Florida, and he then planned to recruit a male to beat her up.

Sheila Bellush *****
Sheila Bellush’s ****** questions women’s safety throughout the globe. (Source: The US Sun)

Furthermore, Daniel Alex Rocha, a golfing friend with a minimal criminal record, was approached for assistance by Blackthorne.

Daniel then called a friend named Samuel Gonzales, who referred him to Jose Luis Del Toro, his cousin who agreed to carry out the ****** for $14,000.

In order to assault Sheila, Del Toro drove to Sarasota on 7th November 1997, in a car using his grandmother’s registration.

He cut Bellush’s throat in front of the quadruplets after ******** her in the face with a. 45-caliber gun. A few hours later, when Stevie, then 13 years old, got home from school, she discovered her body. 

Moreover, Jose committed the crime and then fled to Mexico. He entered a guilty plea to first-degree ****** and armed robbery charges in Florida in 2000 after being extradited to the states in July 1999.

The case gained national attention due to its shocking brutality and the involvement of a wealthy businessman in a ******-for-hire plot.

Bellush’s story has been featured in several books and television programs, including an episode of “Blood and Money.”

Who Is Sheila Bellush Husband Jamie Bellush New Wife Maureen?

Sheila and Jamie Bellush began dating after the meeting, and they tied the wedding knot in 1993. He was excited to have a family together.

Jamie gave her assistance and adopted the two kids she had with her former partner. After his wife’s *****, he shared his experience after her brutal ****** through the series Blood and Money.

Sheila Bellush *****
Sheila Bellush’s ex-husband, Allen Blackthorne plotted ****** against her. (Source: Herald Tribune)

Jamie has been quiet and hasn’t talked much about his life since his wife’s demise. However, he has moved on with his life and has married a woman named Maureen.

Not much is known about Jamie Bellush’s new wife, Maureen, since he has avoided the media attention.

Sheila Bellush Family Tree Explored

Sheila Bellush was born Sheila Leigh Walsh on 19th October 1962 in Topeka, Kansas to extremely loving and supportive parents. 

With her first husband, Allen she shared two daughters, Stevie and Daryl. 

Furthermore, with her second marriage to Jamie, the duo welcomed quadruplets in 1995. Their kids are Frankie, Timmy, Courtney, and Joey.

Sheila was a doting and devoted mother to all her kids and she loved them unconditionally. 

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