Sheila Keen Warren Husband

After almost 27 years, an arrest has been made in a shooting by a Florida clown. Sheila Keen Warren has now been arrested for this case, and people want to know about Sheila Keen Warren husband.

A Chrysler LeBaron arrived on Marlene Warren’s driveway in Wellington, Florida shortly after breakfast on a beautiful May day in 1990, and a clown got out of the white convertible.

The clown was carrying a bunch of flowers and a couple of balloons while wearing an orange wig, a red bulb nose, and a painted smile. One remarked, “You’re the greatest!”

Witnesses would later narrate that the clown gave Warren the flowers and balloons before grabbing a revolver and shooting her in the face.

Witnesses claimed that after Warren collapsed to the ground, the clown nonchalantly strolled back to the Chrysler convertible. After that, the clown vanished for the following 27 years.

For several years the case remained unsolved, and the public wanted to know who the clown was. Sheila Keen Warren, 54, was detained on Tuesday at her residence in the Appalachian Mountains, and in connection with the shooting of Marlene Warren’s shooting in 1990, she was charged.

Now, via this article, let’s get to know more about Sheila Keen Warren’s husband, Michael Warren, and find out her intention for killing Marlene Warren.

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Sheila Keen Warren Husband Michael Warren

Michael Warren was previously married to his wife, Marlene Warren. He was residing with his wife, Marlene, and they shared a thriving marriage. 

According to investigators, Marlene Warren resided in South Florida’s opulent Wellington Aero Club.

According to the Aero Club website, it is referred to as a “private aeronautical community” and contains a landing strip and roadways that go to each residence so that inhabitants may “enjoy the comfort of flying right to their doorstep.”

Warren’s husband ran a car dealership, and she looked after their rental homes.

However, the Sun-Sentinel, which detailed the extensive homicide investigation in 1990, claimed that Michael Warren had been enjoying an affair with Sheila Keen, a then-27-year-old divorcee who repossessed automobiles for his shop.

Sheila Keen Warren Husband
Sheila Keen Warren married Michael Warren in 2002. (Source: ABC News)

Investigators learned from other workers that the two routinely ate lengthy snacks together. The newspaper at the time noted that he had begun to pay her rent as well.

As Sheila and Michael were having an extramarital affair, it gave them a strong reason to kill Michael’s then-wife, Marlene Warren.

Both were being investigated as potential suspects in the murder of Marlene Warren as circumstantial evidence mounted.

After killing Michael’s wife, Sheila Keen and Michael Warren got married in 2002. The duo was together operating Warren and Keen-Warren in Kingsport, Tennesse (The Purple Cow).

Wife Sheila Keen Warren Arrested For Killing Marlene Warren

Just a few weeks before her trial was scheduled to start, Sheila Keen Warren entered a guilty plea to second-degree murder. More than thirty years ago, she fatally shot her future husband’s wife while costumed as a clown.

Sheila Keen-Warren, who is charged with murdering her lover’s wife in 1990 while posing as a clown, changed her plea to guilty on Tuesday as part of an agreement with the prosecution.

The 59-year-old woman was accused of first-degree murder in relation to Marlene Warren’s death on May 26, 1990, at her Wellington residence.

In exchange for entering a guilty plea, Keen-Warren will get a 12-year prison term. She will be given credit for 2,039 days of time already spent in jail.

Sheila Keen Warren Husband
Marlene Warren was shot fatally in the face by Sheila Keen Warren who was dressed in the costume of a clown in May 1990. (Source:

The plea was accepted by Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Scott Suskauer. Sheila, alongside her husband, Michael killed Marlene Warren to start their new life together.

They got married a few years later after Marlene’s death and were operating a big restaurant in Tennessee together.

Now, almost after three decades, Marlene Warren’s death case finally remains solved and justice has been served after Sheila Keen Warren’s arrest.

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