Sherry Poss

Sherry Poss Obituary: Family and friends are mourning the death of 27 years old Sherry online. Let’s know more about her death cause. 

Sherry Poss was the Vice President of Internal Audit at Agiliti. On January 2022, she started serving in the company as a Vice president. 

Poss was a mother of two, and she had a beautiful family she left behind on 30th May 2023. Sherry was a 27-year-old woman who loved being around her family and friends. 

Further, Poss also participated in many marathons and used to share some moments on her Facebook handle. Her friends and family are devasted by the news and currently passing their deepest condolence via online sources. 

Poss was of friendly natured, and she often shared pictures with her friends and family, which we can explore from her official Facebook page. 

Details On Sherry Poss Obituary 

Sherry Poss was 27 years old at the time of her passing. Further, Poss’s death news was shared on social media sources by her friends and close ones. 

Poss’s friends have shared multiple posts showering her with the deepest condolence. One of her friends shared a post by writing, ” You have always been a fighter, Sherry Poss. You will be missed by so many! You inspired others, and we’re always striving to be your best!”

Sherry Poss obituary
Friends pouring heartful condolence to Sherry Poss on Facebook. (Source: Facebook)

Whereas another wrote, “Her wings were ready, we were not. Fly high sweet friend of 27 years. Your infectious laugh and smile will forever be missed and remembered.”

Additionally, no details have been shared about her funeral services by her family, which might get updated soon.

According to the sources, people celebrate to honor Sherry on Friday, June 9, at 11:00 am at St. Hubert Catholic Church in Chanhassen, MN, with a visitation one hour before the mass.

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Sherry Poss Death Cause Revealed

Sherry Poss’s death cause is related to her battle with cancer. She reportedly had rare cancer called double-hit diffuse large B cell lymphoma. 

Due to her health issues, Poss underwent several treatments, including numerous kinds of chemo, radiation, and an awake craniotomy to de-bulk one of the tumors.

Sherry Poss was a marathon runner
Picture of Sherry Poss participating in a marathon in 2016. (Source: Facebook)

 Furthermore, Sherry sometimes made posts on her Facebook handle regarding her battle with cancer. With her cancer diagnosis, people used to shower her with love and support.

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Who Was Sherry Poss?

Sherry Poss was Vice President of Internal Audit at Agility, a leading nationwide healthcare technology management and service solutions provider.

As mentioned earlier, Sherry was also athletic, as she used to participate in many marathon-running events. Some of the events were also organized for charity, and Poss used to participate actively as she herself was a cancer victim.

Furthermore, Poss battled bravely with cancer and also survived two times. Unfortunately, she recently took her last breath. Apart from that, Sherry was a family person, and from her Facebook account, we could get some moments of her life.

Sherry Poss with her family
Sherry Poss with her husband and daughter, as she loved spending quality time with her family. (Source: Facebook)

Exploring her Facebook posts, it can be said that Poss used to spend most of her spare time with her close ones. Poss was married and used to share multiple pictures with her husband and daughter. All his family members are shattered, and they are mourning the death of their beloved member.

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