Sid Lucero

Sid Lucero wife name is trending on the internet, and fans want to know more about the actor’s love life. Keep reading to learn more.

Sid Lucero is a well-known television and film actor and model from the Philippines who has remained active in the entertainment industry for a long time.

Lucero began his active work in this field in 2003, and he has appeared in various movies and TV series that have helped him establish a name in this line.

Apart from that, Lucero comes from a prominent showbiz family in the Philippines, as he is a member of the Eigenmann family, which includes several well-known actors and actresses.

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Sid Lucero Wife: A Look At His Married Life

Sid Lucero wife has dragged everyone’s eyes, but there is no news of the actor being married. The media sources have not said anything about Sid’s love life.

Considering everything, it can be confirmed that Lucerco is unmarried and has no wife. However, his Wikipedia bio shows that his partner is Millen Galang.

However, there is not much information about Sid’s relationship with Galang. It appears that they may have worked together and are professional partners.

Sid Lucero Wife
Sid Lucero and Millen Galang were photographed in a single frame while working together. (Source: Facebook)

Further information can’t be shared at the moment. Apart from that, Galang is active on Instagram, and she has also shared snaps with Sid as they have worked together on a project.

On the other hand, Lucero’s love life often gets into the spotlight, and fans want to know more about it, which has been shared below.

Is Sid Lucero Married To Annicka Dolonius?

Sid Lucero is not married to Annicka Dolonius but is reportedly in a romantic relationship. The pair have remained together for many years.

Their relationship started when they collaborated on the indie film Apocalypse Child, showcased at the QCinema International Film Festival 2015.

Sid Lucero Married
Sid Lucero and his longtime girlfriend, Annicka Dolonius, have remained together for many years. (Source:

Their professional life pulled them together, and Sid shared a strong bond with Dolonius while working together. Furthermore, he has also been open about his work experience with his girlfriend.

Not to mention, Annicka is also a prominent Filipina character actress who has worked on many projects such as Pisay and Apocalypse Child. 

Likewise, Dolonius has appeared in various commercial film and television roles. 

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Sid Lucero Dating History Explored

Sid Lucero dating life often gets into the media prominence. It has been said that the actor is in a romantic relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Annicka Dolonius.

Apart from Annicka, there are no rumors of Lucero having romantic affairs with anyone. Meanwhile, he is the father of a child, Halo Eve, whom he welcomed with Bea Lao.

Sid Lucero Dating
Sid Lucero is an actor whose dating life often gets media prominence. (Source: Philippine Star)

For your information, Bea Lao is the drummer of the band General Luna. Furthermore, there are not many details about Sid’s affair with Bea.

On the other side, an online portal has reported that he also dated Alessandra De Rossi between 2014 and 2015.

However, Sid has not said much about his love life in the media, making it challenging to know further facts. 

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