Kabir Bedi son Siddharth Bedi

Bollywood fans were shocked after hearing Siddharth Bedi Suicide news. After so many years, the Indians still want to know why the man decided to kill himself. 

Siddharth Bedi was the elder son of the famous Indian Actor Kabir Bedi and Protima Bedi. Likewise, he has two junior siblings, sister Pooja Bedi and brother Adam Bedi.

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All his family members and relatives are part of India’s entertainment and fashion industry.

Bedi’s family was shocked after the unfortunate incident. So, what took Siddharth Bedi’s life? Let’s find out.

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Siddharth Bedi Suicide: Cause For His *****

Siddharth Bedi, 25-year-old at the time of his *****, took his own life in 1997. Actor Kabir Bedi’s son Siddharth had schizophrenia.

Kabir Bedi’s son Siddharth Bedi suffered from schizophrenia. (Source: Flip Board)

Bedi decided to end his life when he found out about his illness. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

According to his Father, Kabir Bedi, Siddharth was a very talented young man with exceptional abilities.

One day all of a sudden, Siddharth couldn’t think. His family tried to help him but failed to figure out what went wrong.

Siddharth battled for three years with his parents and sister without finding the actual cause.

Unfortunately, his strange behavior turned extremely violent as he broke out in the streets of Montreal. Eight policemen had to nail Siddharth down to take control.

After the incident, doctors in Montreal diagnosed Siddharth as schizophrenic.

Additionally, Siddharth completed his graduation from Carnegie Mellon University with Honours.

Sadly, he took his own life in 1997 after learning about his illness.

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Kabir Bedi On His Son’s *****

Actor Kabir Bedi freely opened up about his son’s tragic ***** in his recent interview with Bollywood Hungama.

The Actor said that the guilt of dealing with Siddharth’s suicide was huge. Also, he added, “the wound heals, but the scar always remains,” referring to the tragedic incident of his family.

The Actor said in the interview:

My baby boy Siddharth was brilliant and talented in his abilities. Suddenly, everything changed and the boy once I knew was not one I saw. My book wants to capture, what it was like for families to feel something like this ( referring to Siddharth’s illness). Guilt is enormous, the bruise heals, but the scar remains.

Moreover, Siddharth’s sister, Pooja Bedi, had written about his brother. The Actress was inseparable from her brother as a kid. Pooja Bedi said that she missed her brother and loved him very much.

Kabir Bedi son Siddharth Bedi Pooja Bedi
Kabir Bedi with his daughter Pooja Bedi and son Siddharth Bedi. (Source: Bollywood Shaddi)

Kabir Bedi’s daughter Pooja Bedi was devastated after her brother Siddharth’s *****. Her mother also passed away after a year in 1998, adding further tragedy to the family.

Mr. Bedi will soon launch his autobiography titled Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Journey of an Actor. In his book, he mentioned his son’s mental illness and Siddharth’s stand for the family.

Unknown Facts About Siddharth Bedi

Here are some disturbing facts about Kabir Bedi’s son Siddharth Bedi.

  • Siddharth emailed his friends before committing suicide. Kabir Bedi checked his son’s mail after his ***** which wrote, “Come and wish me farewell.” 
  • Siddharth has told his Father multiple times about his suicide plans. He even tried several failed attempts to end his life. Unfortunately, his Father, Kabir, tried many times but ultimately could not save him.
  • Siddharth had left a suicide note writing, “I’m going to the other side.

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