Siddheshwar Swamiji Death

The presiding officer of the city’s Jnana Yogashram, Shri Siddeshwara Swamiji, has been the target of numerous death rumors.

On Wednesday, thousands of followers descended upon Jnanayogashrama after hearing about Siddheshwar Swamiji’s deteriorating health.

Earlier, Siddheshwar Swamiji was doing well, and devotees did not need to pay attention to rumors about his health, according to a bulletin issued in the morning by Basavalinga Swamiji, the president of Jnanayogashrama.

Sri Siddheshwar Swami is a revered monk known for his mastery of Indian philosophy who has spent more than 65 years serving in the ashram. He is renowned for living simply and giving captivating speeches. 

He uses anecdotes, stories, and examples from various sources in Kannada, Marathi, English, Hindi, and Sanskrit because he has a keen interest in many philosophical streams.

Siddheshwar Swamiji Death News Trending On The Internet

Siddheshwar Swamiji’s death news has been trending on the Internet after there were rumors regarding his illness.

He is now healthy, according to later information. When it was announced that Siddeshwar Swamiji was ill, thousands of devotees were concerned. 

As a result, many people travel from various states and districts to see Swamiji. Furthermore, current and former MLAs and ministers visited Mr. and inquired about his health.

Siddheshwar Swamiji and Modi
Prime Minister Modi greeting Shri Siddheshwar Swamiji. (Source: Twitter)

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In Adarsha Nagar, behind the Lakshmi temple, he is resting in his two-room ashram apartment. Huge crowds have visited the ashram in the last few days due to rumors of his poor health. Ashram officials have asked the public to follow him on social media and refrain from bothering him.

What Happened To Siddheshwar Swamiji?

The health of Sri Siddheshwar Swami, a seer at the Sri Jnyayogashrama in Vijayapura, is weak. Age-related ailments are troubling the 81-year-old seer at the moment.

Siddheshwar Swamiji health
People are praying in god for the Speedy recovery of Sri Sri Sri Siddheshwar Maha Swamiji Jnana Yogashram Vijayapura, Karnataka. (Source: Twitter)

Following a fall at a devotee’s House in January, he sustained multiple fractures but fully recovered. In the most recent weeks, he was confined to a wheelchair. According to the doctors, he was only willing to take painkillers, and he was refusing treatment. 

In the late afternoon on Saturday, he was wheeled out to greet the crowds inside the ashram grounds. On Saturday night, the seer and Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai are expected to meet at the ashram.

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On social networking sites, there have been health-related rumors going around. Currently, Sri Siddeshwar resides at the Jnana Yogashram in Vijayapura.

Where Is Siddheshwar Swamiji Now?

Shri Siddeshwar Swamiji is receiving treatment at the district’s Jnana Yogashram. 

As a result, he was nowhere to be seen in public. Thousands of devotees who had the opportunity to see Sri Siddeshwar Swamiji were overjoyed. 

Due to the presence of sunlight, a tent has been constructed for the convenience of the devotees. Shri stayed with the devotees for over 20 minutes before returning to the restroom. 

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The younger Swamijis have announced on the microphone that the darshan has been halted per the doctor’s orders and that devotees should not come for Swamiji’s darshan beginning tomorrow. However, thousands of devotees have requested that Sri go live on Facebook.

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