Silvina Luna Pareja

There has been significant interest in Silvina Luna pareja while the entertainment industry is mourning her untimely demise.

Silvina Luna was a well-known Argentine model, actress, and vedette. In addition, she is also a reality television show star.

The gorgeous actress began her professional career as a model in Buenos Aires when she was only 17.

She has also appeared in Big Brother 2. Sadly, the Rosario, Santa Fe-born actress, died on 31 August 2023. She reportedly died of a kidney failure.

Following her death, many have shown their curiosity in her personal life.

As we remember the actress and her legacy, let’s explore her love life and why she couldn’t become a mother.

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Who Is Silvina Luna Pareja? Was She Married?

The prominent Argentine TV personality Silvina Luna had several romantic relationships. However, none of them resulted in marriage or parenthood.

Silvina Luna Pareja
Silvina Luna dated many famous men in the showbiz industry but didn’t tie the knot with any of them. (Image Source: Hola)

Thus, the former model didn’t have pareja at her death as she was not dating anyone. Her last relationship was reportedly with Federico Bal.

As stated above, she has dated several famous guys in her life. Iván Noble, El Polaco, Matías Mantilla, and Manuel Desrets were some of her most famous partners.

She also had a brief affair with Matías Alé, who was married to Graciela Alfano then.

While the increasing search related to Silvina Luna pareja is understandable, the former model was not dating anyone at the time of her death.

Silvina Luna was known for her charisma, humor, and beauty and had a successful career in television, theater, and cinema.

The late television personality had expressed her desire to find love and have children, but she could not due to her health problems caused by a botched cosmetic surgery.

Tragically, the health issues related to the surgery also claimed her life. Although her life has been cut short abruptly, Luna left a significant mark on the entertainment industry.

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Why Couldn’t Silvina Luna Have Hijos (Kids)?

It is no secret that Silvina Luna faced several health problems after cosmetic surgery in 2011.

The model also claimed that she was left infertile and in constant pain by a ‘botched’ surgery.

Silvina Luna Pareja
Silvina Luna couldn’t become a mother because the 2011 surgery left her infertile. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

The actress dealt with permanent kidney damage from the procedure, which was supposed to give her a big bottom. She was on medication for her entire life.

Luna underwent the procedure in 2011, paying 10,000 Argentine Pesos (about £700) at a facility in Buenos Aires.

Dr. Anibal Lotocki decided against having the procedure done because he wanted to exploit her to boost his reputation as “the plastic surgeon of the stars.”

Tiny glass-like acrylic beads floating in a biological fluid, including fat from other places of her body, were injected as part of the contentious surgery.

Her bottom had the substance injected beneath the skin to give it a firm and round shape.

Although the first stage of the surgery caused her severe pain and weakness, she thought it was just an average side effect and had a second stage of operation.

She later sued the surgeon. Dr. Anibal Lotocki was sentenced to 4 years in prison and disqualified from practicing medicine for five years.

According to the court documents from her case, which were reported on by the local media, she alleges that, as a result, she has lost the ability to have children.

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