Simon Cowell illness

In January 2022, Simon Cowell was rushed to hospital after a terrifying electric bike crash. On the same day, America’s Got Talent Judge was freed with a cast up his shoulder.

Simon Cowell, born Simon Philip Cowell, is best known as a long-time judge on the popular television show America’s Got Talent. He also founded the X Factor and Got Talent franchises.

Apart from being a prominent television personality, Simon is also an entrepreneur and record Executive.

The English celebrity is the sole owner of Syco, a British entertainment Company. Owing to his glorious career, the television mogul has garnered insane fame and fortune throughout his career.

America’s Got Talent retired for season 17, and the N.B.C. competition series welcomed judges. That’s when the public noticed a cast on Cowell’s hand.

So, what happened to him? In today’s article, let’s take a detailed look at Simon Cowell’s illness and other health-related issues.

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Simon Cowell Illness And Health Update: Before And After Surgery

On 24 January, the A.G.T. judge was enjoying a ride on his electric bike around his home in London. He crashed his e-bike and ended up breaking his arm.

Simon Cowell illness
Simon Cowell after his second e-bike accident. Source: The Sun

The news surfaced after several days on 1 February by The Sun. As per the publication, the wheels suddenly fell off after he hit a wet patch while Simon pedaled with his electric motor on.

The entrepreneur slipped and flew over the handlebars and into the middle of the road at 20 mph. Unfortunately, Cowell was not wearing a helmet and was soaked in blood pouring from his face.

The passerby stopped the traffic so that he wouldn’t be run over. He was rushed over to the hospital. Luckily, the accident sustained no serious injuries. Simon was released that evening with a yellow cast up to the shoulder in his.

Simon Cowell Broke His Back In A Previous E-bike Accident

Many of his fans know it was the television personality’s second great escape. He broke his back in his previous bike accident in August 2020. Simon was trying out his new e-bike when it reared out of control and threw him off.

After that incident, the music mogul had to undergo a six-hour-long surgery, and surgeons inserted a metal rod in his back. It was reported that his back broke in three different places.

Despite two accidents, Cowell isn’t ditching the bike. Shortly after his second accident, the former American Idol judge caught up with Daily Mail and said, “I am OKAY! feeling much better, thank you.” He promised that he would make sure to wear a helmet next time.

During a month of recovery, Cowell shared more health issues. The U.K. native disclosed that one of his teeth fell out while eating peanut brittle. In the same week, he tested positive for Covid.

Simon Cowell Was Diagnosed With Stage One Cancer In 2016

In May 2016, Simon Cowell was diagnosed with stage one squamous cell carcinoma, a type of lung Cancer that accounts for a quarter of all Cancer cases.

Simon Cowell illness
Simon Cowell with his partner Lauren Silverman. Source: Wikimedia Commons

In most cases, lung Cancers are not caught until it is too late, as tumors have adequate opportunity to spread before becoming apparent. Cowell disclosed that he had a bit of a cough that wouldn’t go away.

He got a full check-up, and that’s when they found the mass. Fortunately, it was still an early stage. Soon after, the legendary judge went through the treatment and overcame the issue.

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