Simon Ekpa

Nigerian-Finnish lawyer Simon Ekpa was apprehended in Finland hours after the Nigeria elections. Hundered questions are raised regarding Simon Ekpa wife and family details. 

Simon Ekpa is a well know Nigerian-Finnish lawyer. Further, Ekpa is also known as a political activist and former athlete.

Interestingly, the lawyer is mostly known for disseminating fake news. Meanwhile, people also know him for allegedly provoking and supporting violence in southeastern Nigeria. 

More than his professional career, he is known for his arrest cases and other things. So, he started gaining media coverage in February 2023 in Finland. 

The activist became a current media sensation as soon as people knew he was arrested in Finland. Likewise, he was carried to examine his actions and determine his plausible stimulation. 

The news circulated as fast as it could, and this became huge media talks as the Former Radio Biafra anchorman was arrested just 48 hours before the Nigerian election.

Similarly, people have been questioning his wife and kids as they seem captivated to know Simon’s private life. 

Meet Finnish Lawyer Simon Ekpa Wife

Finnish lawyer Simon Ekpa is a married man who lives happily with his beloved wife. However, his spouse’s name remains unknown, but some online portals claim she is also a Finnish woman.

We can see some Facebook pages sharing the details about his wife. On September 11, 2022, a Facebook page revealed an image of Simon’s family. The image’s caption showed that Simon’s wife is a Muslim.

Simon Ekpa
Simon Ekpa and his wife during a family function. (Source: TheFamousNaija)

As the Finnish lawyer has not given a peek into his married life, we are unable to share further information regarding his partner and married life.

However, it can be clear that the lawyer is living a low-key life with his wife, with whom he has already welcomed kids.

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How Many Kids Does Simon Ekpa Have With His Wife? Family Details

According to some online sources, Simon Ekpa and his wife are the proud parents of two kids whose names remain mysterious on the internet.

As said earlier, Simon is pretty private when it comes to his family life. Due to that, there are not many details about his children. However, some social media users have shared a video of Simon having a good time with his family.

In March 2020, a video on social media dragged the eyes of many where we can see Simon playing with his son. It seems like Simon celebrates one of his son’s birthdays every year in September.

Simon Ekpa
Simon Ekpa with his lovely wife and two kids. (Source: Facebook)

A Facebook page named Free Biafra NOW said his son’s name is Adam. On the other hand, Ekpa was born in Ohaukwu, Ebonyi State, on March 21, 1985.

His parents are reported to be King Nwangbo (Father) and Lolo Nwangbo (Mother). It is unknown whether the Finnish lawyer has siblings or not.

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Simon Ekpa Net Worth In 2023

The Nigerian-Finnish lawyer has preserved a considerable net worth from his profession, but the amount remains under review. Since 2021, he has been working as a lawyer who makes it clear that Simon has taken home fair cash.

Simon Ekpa
Simon Ekpa showing off in his traditional attire. (Source: The Source Magazine)

Apart from being a lawyer, Ekpa is a political activist and former athlete. An average salary of a lawyer is $127,990. So, we believe that Ekpa may have earned in the same range as being a lawyer.

Before beginning his professional career, Ekpa went to Aberystwyth University, Wales.

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