Simon Weston Accident

The Simon Weston accident during the Falklands War left him with severe burn injuries that would forever change his life.

Simon Weston CBE is a well-known Welsh veteran of the British Army. He gained prominence for his charity work and remarkable recovery from severe burn injuries sustained during the Falklands War. 

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Weston’s life took a dramatic turn when he was aboard the RFA Sir Galahad during the Falklands conflict. 

He has left an indelible mark on society through his charity work, media appearances, and political activism.

In this article, we will provide an update on Simon Weston’s accident and delve into his life before the injury, accompanied by a photo of him before the burns.

Simon Weston Accident Update

The Simon Weston accident during the Falklands War is a stark reminder of the immense sacrifices and hardships endured by soldiers in times of conflict.

During the Falklands War, Weston’s life changed forever on June 8, 1982. Serving as a member of the Welsh Guards, Weston was on board the RFA Sir Galahad when it was targeted and bombed by Argentine Skyhawk fighters near Fitzroy, off the coast of the Falkland Islands.

The ship, carrying ammunition, phosphorus bombs, and fuel, was set ablaze. Tragically, 22 out of Weston’s platoon of 30 men were killed, and the Welsh Guards suffered 48 fatalities and 97 injuries on the Sir Galahad.

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Surviving the attack, Simon Weston sustained extensive burn injuries, covering 46% of his body. His face was so disfigured that his mother struggled to recognize him when they crossed paths in the transit hospital at RAF Lyneham. 

Simon Weston Before Injury And Burn Photo

Simon Weston’s photographs before his tragic burn injuries during the Falklands War capture a young man with vitality and determination. 

Simon W
Simon Weston expressed his desire not to be characterized solely by his experiences during the war, emphasizing that he did not want to be limited or confined by that defining aspect of his life. (Source:

With a strong and commanding presence, his handsome features and unwavering gaze project a sense of confidence and resilience. 

The images depict Weston in his prime, radiating a vibrant energy that exemplifies his dedication to serving in the military. His posture and expression reflect a readiness to face any challenge that may come his way.

These images also carry a profound weight when viewed in light of the hardships he would soon endure. The stark contrast between the youthful soldier and the severely burned individual highlights the immense challenges and personal sacrifices he faced during the Falklands War. 

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It serves as a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Simon Weston Recovery Process

Simon Weston’s recovery was long and arduous, spanning several years and involving over 96 major operations and surgical procedures. 

In this photograph, Simon Weston can be seen in his Cardiff home, accompanied by his sons Stuart on the right and James. (Source: simonweston)

Skilled surgeons used skin grafts from his shoulders to reconstruct his eyelids and repair the contracted healing on his nose. 

While the physical injuries were overwhelming, Weston also battled psychological trauma, which led him to engage in heavy drinking and contemplate suicide. During this time, he admits to behaving poorly.

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However, Simon Weston credits his mother, Pauline, as his pillar of support and helping him overcome his darkest moments. She played a significant role in reuniting him with his old regiment, the Welsh Guards, who refused to treat him with kid gloves. 

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