Siu Kong Sit In Jail

Is Siu Kong Sit in jail? People are curious about the news of high school teachers being arrested. 

The maintenance worker who discovered a hidden camera in the all-gender restroom near the Beckman High School swimming pool handed it over to the administrators, who contacted the Police.

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Later the suspect was identified as the school teacher Siu Kong. The investigation started right after the school administration file was reported to the Police. 

The pictures of the main suspect have been shared all over the Internet. People have been sharing their thoughts about him through a comment. 

Still, more information is yet to come out; learn the recent update on the case and more about the school teacher, Siu Kong.

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Is Siu Kong Sit In Jail?

The hidden camera was placed in the all-gender restroom by a teacher named Siu Kong Sit, who was arrested at Beckman High School and charged.

The teacher has been booked into the Orange County Jail. A maintenance worker contracted to work at the Tustin Unified School District campus discovered the hidden cameras and reported them to the administration.

The investigation has revealed that multiple victims were recorded on the devices, and the Police are trying to identify them.

Students were interviews after arrest of teacher for allegedly recording students in bathroom.
Students were interviewed after the arrest of a teacher for allegedly recording students in the bathroom. (Image Source: The Daily Caller)

The teacher has been charged with possessing or manufacturing child pornography, burglary, and misdemeanors. 

The investigation into the hidden camera incident is ongoing, and further information is yet to get revealed.

If the teacher is found guilty of the charges against him, he could face a sentence of more than ten years in jail and may be required to pay fines.

As the case progresses, more information may be made available to the public to clarify the details of the incident and its implications.

Beckman High School Teacher Allegedly Arrested For Hidden Cameras In Bathroom

The teacher got allegedly arrested for a hidden camera in the bathroom of Beckham High School. He was arrested on Monday and is still in custody almost a week after his arrest. 

A letter sent out from Superintendent Mark E Johnson said: ‘Yesterday, our school community got confronted by a problematic matter regarding criminal misconduct by a Math teacher at Beckman High School.

“Yesterday morning, staff found what appeared to be recording devices disguised as smoke alarms in each of the two unisex restrooms on campus, near the pool deck at Beckman High School.”

Beckman Teacher Arrested after hidden cameras found in bathroom.
Beckman Teacher Arrested after hidden cameras found in the bathroom. (Image Source:

It continued, ‘Last night, IPD informed us that they obtained evidence linking these devices to a Beckman team member. “

The school administration at Beckman High School has been cooperating with the Irvine Police Department’s investigation.

They have been working closely with law enforcement officials to identify potential victims who may have been recorded on devices in the all-gender restroom.

While the investigation is ongoing, unmistakable evidence has not yet been revealed. It may take time to gather all the necessary information and evidence to build a strong case.

Viwers are hoping for the case to become more precise and for the victims to receive justice.

Additionally, a recent arrest has been made, but the person’s identity has not been revealed in public, and they have not cleared out if he was from the school team member. 

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