Skylar Diggins sister

Get to know the talented basketball player and the Phoenix Mercury point guard Skylar Diggins, sister and brother.

Skylar Diggins is more than just a basketball player. She is a leader, a role model, a champion, and a trailblazer.

Diggins is one of the most accomplished and influential women in sports.

The Phoenix Mercury point guard is also a gold medalist with the U.S. women’s basketball team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where she averaged 10.8 points and 4.8 assists per game.

The Notre Dame graduate was a four-time All-American, leading college’s team to three consecutive Final Fours and two NCAA championship appearances.

With all that said about her professional life, let’s get to know her sibling in this short article.

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Skylar Diggins Siblings – Family Ethnicity

Skýlar Diggins, the talented professional basketball player known for her prowess on the court, also enjoys a strong foundation of support from her family.

Skylar Diggins Sister
Born in August 1990, Skylar Diggins is the eldest child of her parents. (Image Source: Instagram)

The basketball player was born on 2 August 1990 to her parents, Tige Diggins and Renee Scott.

The South Bend, Indiana native is the eldest child of her mom and dad. She has four younger siblings, three brothers and one sister.

Haneefah Davis Is Skylar Diggins Only Sister

Haneefah Davis is the only sister of the Phoenix Mercury star Skylar Diggins. Born in 2002, Haneefah is also the youngest member of the Diggins siblings.

Some online sources have reported that the youngest Diggns is attending South Bend Washington High School. However, we could not locate a reliable source to back up the claim.

As Haneefah grew up watching and cheering her elder sister and brothers during their games, she might have developed a love for sports, and there is a possibility of her following in her elder sibling’s footsteps.

Meet Skylar Diggins Brother Tige Diggins Jr.

Tige Diggins Jr. is the eldest of the Diggins brothers. He has been an influential figure in Skýlar’s life.

A former basketball player himself, Tige has been a source of inspiration for Skylar.

He reportedly played for South Bend Washington HS before attending Indiana University and playing for Titans. Is he still involved in basketball?

Destyn Diggins Is An Artist

Destyn Diggins, the second youngest brother of Skylar Diggins.

Destyn has pursued his career in a different field. He is reportedly a rapper who goes by the stage name Dae Dae.

Skylar Diggins Siblings
Skylar Diggins’ brother, Destyn Diggins, is reportedly a rapper> (Image Source: Instagram)

Despite pursuing different passions, Destyn and Skýlar share a strong bond

Skýlar often attributes her determination and focus on the court to the artistic influences and encouragement she receives from her younger brother.

Maurice Scott Jr. – Skylar Diggins Stepbrother

Maurice Scott Jr. is Skylar Diggins’s stepbrother of Skýlar Diggins. He is the son of Renee Scott and Maurice Scott, who is the stepfather of the basketball player.

Maurice also played basketball for South Bend Washington High School and graduated in 2016.

He then attended Holy Cross College and played for the Saints. He is currently a student and an aspiring basketball player.

Skýlar Diggins’ journey to becoming a basketball icon has been greatly influenced by the love and support of her family.

She has established herself as a role model and inspiration to her younger sister and brother. Each of her siblings must be a significant part of her life.

As Skýlar continues to soar to new heights, her siblings remain by her side, reaffirming the importance of family and unity.

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