Sophia Rosing Kentucky University Student

Get an update about Sophia Rosing, Kentucky University Student; where is she now? 

Sophia Rosing, a Fort Mitchell native and former student of the University of Kentucky, was accused and arrested for assaulting and hurling racial slurs at fellow student Kylah spring. 

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Rosing is facing several charges, including alcohol intoxication, assaulting a Police officer, and disorderly conduct.

People have been curious to learn about Rosing as the news about her has been a top topic to discuss. Read the article to learn details about the case.

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Sophia Rosing, Kentucky University Student

Currently 22 years old, Sophia Rosing Kentucky was born in 2000. Her Father’s name was Donald Rosing, and her mother’s name was Jill Rosing. She was born and raised in Kentucky in the United States.

In 2019, she completed her high school study at Beechwood High School located in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

Sophia Rosing going to rehab following racist assault charges.
Sophia Rosing going to rehab following racist assault charges. (Image Source: New York Post)

On July 2, 2020, she enrolled at the University of Kentucky in Lexington to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Personal information about Kentucky has not been disclosed, and they have only shared limited information about the student.

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Sophia Kentucky- Racial Slur Charged Of Public Intoxication, Social Media

On November 6, 2022, Sophia was highly intoxicated, and a video went viral where she was recorded using racist slurs to insult Kylah Spring and physically assaulting her at the front desk in Boyd Hall. Spring was a young student worker.

Rosing punched Spring several times, kicked her in the stomach, and bit her arm while calling her the n-word many times. Since then, many videos of her problematic behavior have come online. In one of the videos, Rosing can be heard saying, 

“I’m rich as f**k, and you’re not compared to what you’re wearing & I can sue you, and you can’t do s**t about it, especially because you don’t know my f**king last name.”

Kentucky student fired from ‘influencer’ job after racial ****** on black student
Kentucky student fired from ‘influencer’ job after the racial ****** on a black student. (Image Source: New York Post)

A Police officer arrested her at the Kentucky Police Department. She was accused of being intoxicated in public, assaulting a Police officer, assaulting another person, and engaging in disorderly conduct.

On November 6, Rosing pleaded non-guilty to all the allegations against her and was represented by Fred Peters. An arraignment hearing took place in the presence of her parents. The hearing was conducted over a video conference connection from the Fayette County Detention Center in Fayette County.

She was released on bail of $10,000, which her parents paid. As per the bail condition, she is banned from drinking alcohol, contacting Kylah spring, and returning to the dormitory.

Her initial court appearance was scheduled on November 15, 2022.

On Tuesday, November 15, Rosing appeared before Fayette District Court Judge Linsady Thurston. 

Rosing’s attorney, Fred Peters, said, “We are prepared to waive her preliminary hearing to the Fayette County grand jury,”

Rosing has not apologized to Kylah Spring yet. She still blames alcohol for her racism rather than taking responsibility for her actions.

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