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Sophia Rosing, a University of Kentucky student arrested on November 6, 2022, after Police say she attacked a Black lady working as a dorm building desk clerk and made racist remarks. 

According to Fayette County jail records, Rosing, 22, was charged with assault, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

Kylah Spring, a University of Kentucky student employee working at the front desk of the Boyd Hall dorm building at the time of the incident, shared the footage on social media.

According to Spring, Instagram and TikTok pulled the video for violating the platform’s policies. The Kentucky Kernel, on the other hand, re-uploaded it on YouTube.

“Early this morning, a troubling occurrence was captured on film in a residence hall,” the University of Kentucky said. We take the video very seriously because it is so disrespectful.

Our Office of Student Conduct is also initiating an immediate investigation, and our Student Success teams are reaching out to the student victims of this behavior to offer support.”

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“To be clear: we condemn this behavior and will not allow it under any circumstances,” the UK added. Our first goal has been and will continue to be the safety and well-being of our community.” Heavy could not reach Rosing for comment, and it was unclear whether she had retained counsel.

Sophia Rosing, University Of Kentucky Student Arrested: Kylah Spring Explanation

Kylah Spring, a University of Kentucky Student, and fine arts student from Memphis, Tennessee, reported being attacked while working her student job on Facebook. She claimed she was constantly called n***** and that the attacker, later identified as Sophia Rosing, bit her on the arm many times.

“I am a desk clerk at Boyd Hall at the University of Kentucky, and it is part of my duty to notify the on-call RA of any drunk students who appear unwell,” Spring stated.

When I first entered the home, this girl was drunk, so I inquired if she was okay and attempted to persuade her to sit down; she also didn’t appear to be a resident, so I tried to dissuade her from using the elevator.

Sophia Rosing
Sophia Rosing Mugshot- (Source: KyKernel)

This female and a few others, including the OFFICER, bit and swung at my friend.”

She shared videos of the event, which show Rosing repeatedly using the n-word and attacking Spring and another kid. She can also be heard in a video clip constantly saying n***** as a University of Kentucky Police officer tries to handcuff her. Spring stated that the event occurred at 1 am.

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Spring stated in a video posted on Sunday morning, “She did not look like a resident, therefore, I did not answer the door.” But as she walked in, she staggered over the front desk to the elevator and began chatting to it.”

“She continues to glare at me and starts calling me a n*****,” Spring stated after asking Rising if she was okay. … She kept reiterating it, so I went back inside to get the phone number of the RA on call.

And when I returned, I attempted to sit her down and prevent her from entering the elevator because she did not appear to be a resident, as she did not have a phone or an ID card.

The only reason the elevator opened was that another student was getting out. So I went in, trying to gently shift her to the side and say, ‘Hey, could you just come over and sit here for me?'”

“Sophia just kept going, ‘No n*****, you f***** n*****, you’re a b****, you’re a n****, do my chores b****,” Spring claimed. And she kept doing it while I tried to sit her down. She bit my arm and hit me in the face… She also kicked me in the stomach.

She attempted to run me over with a grocery cart in the lobby and bit my buddy and another female who tried to help me de-escalate the situation. We’re just trying to get the female to sit down because she was drunk and falling.

‘Do my duties,’ she said, ‘it’s not my fault you’re Black,’ ‘it’s not my fault you’re ugly,’ ‘you’re f*****ugly and Black.’

“This girl was constantly berating me, not only with her words but with her hands and body, and hurting me,” Spring stated. When the Police arrived, the girl tried to bite and kick the officer, and they couldn’t extract much information from her.

She was detained…. I don’t want this to become another case where I don’t get the justice I deserve.”

Sophia Rosing Was Fired As A Dillard’s Brand Ambassador After The Incident

According to a now-deleted post, Sophia Rosing had a brand ambassador arrangement with Dillard’s.

“I have had an internship in social media marketing and with a visual merchandising manager,” Rosing posted on LinkedIn. “I am honored to be a Dillard’s Campus Collective program member!”

Dillard’s stated on social media that they had severed connections with Rosing due to the event. “Dillards does not condone this behavior,” the firm tweeted. Her contract with Dillard’s has been terminated immediately.”

As a result of her acts, students and alums have called for Rosing to be expelled from the University of Kentucky. Some have claimed on social media that she is a sorority member.

However, it is unclear whether this is genuine, and if so, whose sorority she belongs to.

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“I was just really disappointed to see one of my fellow students acting that way towards another one of my fellow students,” UK freshman Julian Downey told WKYT.

“I just hope everybody in the UK always feels secure and comfortable, and that’s not what occurred.”

“The amount of bigotry that you still witness to this day implies that adults are still teaching their children to live like the past, and that’s not how it is anymore,” sophomore Sienna Edison-Turner told the television station. They must mature and adapt to the twenty-first century.”

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