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On Saturday, two weeks after the significant royal celebration in London, there will also be a small ceremony in Munich.

Because Ludwig, Prince of Bavaria, marries Sophie-Alexandra Evekink. But who is she, and what did she accomplish before becoming a member of the Wittelsbach family?

While another wedding in the British royal family is unlikely anytime soon, we still have royal marriages.

Prince Ludwig Heinrich of Bavaria, the great-grandson of King Ludwig III, the last King of Bavaria, is expected to marry Oxford Ph.D. student Sophie-Alexandra Evekink in May.

(It should be emphasized that while the German monarchy was dissolved in 1918, royal families continued to exist.)

The prince proposed to Evekink with an emerald ring earlier that summer in Berchtesgaden, a Bavarian Alps town. It is unknown when Evekink and Prince Ludwig first met or began dating.

Let’s get to learn about Sophie Alexandra Evekink Wikipedia details.

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Sophie Alexandra Evekink Wikipedia

Sophie Alexandra Evekink Wikipedia details. Sophie-Alexandra Evekink, with Dutch-Canadian heritage, has spent much of her life working on human rights issues.

She studied politics and law in London before working for the UN in New York for seven years, including as the Secretary-General. Following that, I visited London and Geneva.

Sophie-Alexandra Evekink is a doctorate candidate at the University of Oxford’s Law Faculty, working on her Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Carolyn Hoyle in the Centre for Criminology.

Her work focuses on justice for victims of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV), focusing on minority groups such as Iraq’s Yazidi community.

Sophie Alexandra Eveking Wikipedia
Sophie Alexandra Eveking Wikipedia details are yet to be mentioned on the respective site. (Source: Daily Mail)

Sophie also teaches a CRSV and transitional justice class for Masters’s students as part of Professor Hoyle’s Victims Course.

She has worked in numerous development, political, and diplomatic capacities in addition to her studies.

Most recently, she led Global Government Relations at the World Health Organization in Geneva and the Wellcome Trust in London, including participation in multilateral fora such as the G7/G20, the COP26 Climate Summit, and the World Economic Forum.

Sophie Alexandra Age And Herkunft: How Old Is She?

Sophie Alexandra is a 33-year-old woman. Sophie-Alexandra Evekink marries a royal family when she marries Ludwig, Prince of Bavaria.

Even though the German aristocracy was dissolved more than a century ago, the bride receives a title via marriage – which she refuses to use in specific regions.

“I will continue to use the Evekink name in scientific publications, as I have previously published under that name,” she explains. “

However, in my passport and new home, my name will be Sophie-Alexandra Princess of Bavaria because I want to carry my husband’s name and, hopefully, that of our children.”

Sophie is passionate about activities that assist in developing global consensus and bridge voices from the Global North and South.

She is particularly interested in justice, violence prevention, and women’s human rights, which she has researched in the Middle East and the Caucasus.

She has written about terrorism, radicalization, and human trafficking in Central and Eastern Europe.

Sophie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and East European Studies from University College London (UCL) and a Masters’s in Science from the University of Oxford.

How did Prince Ludwig and Sophie-Alexandra meet?

There needs to be more information on how Sophie-Alexandra and her Ludwig met. The pair consciously decided to keep their personal life hidden from the public.

“I understand your interest, but I hope you understand that we want to keep details from our private life to ourselves,” the prince’s prospective bride said in an interview with “SZ.”

Sophie Alexandra Eveking Wikipedia
Prince Ludwig and Sophie-Alexandra. (Source: Town And Country Magazine)

However, She offers one element: “But I can say that common interests have brought us together.” The couple’s work in human rights and development aid are intertwined.

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