Korean Actress Sora Yang

Sora Yang suicide news has dragged the eyes of many people on the internet. If you want to know more about her death, read this article till the end.

For the past few days, a case has been circulating on the internet that is all about a girl named Sora Yang, who was said to have passed away after rape/sexual harassment/assault.

Sora came into the media prominence after her case was featured by Rotten Mango, a true crime podcast. In the recent podcast, Sora’s case was featured, which shocked everyone.

In the podcast, it was reported that Sora was assaulted and sexually harassed by multiple men who were said to be involved in the Korean entertainment industry.

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Is Sora Yang Suicide Linked To Death Cause?

Sora Yang suicide news has dragged the eyes of many people, and it all started after her case was featured on Rotten Mango. As per a statement mentioned on Rotten Mango, Yang wanted to die and threw herself into the oncoming traffic.

So, she lost her life. Considering this fact, it can be said that Yang’s death cause has been linked to suicide. Yang wanted to die as the police didn’t want to investigate the Korean entertainment industry as 12 casting directors assaulted her.

Sora Yang Suicide
Sora Yang and her little sister took their own life after getting assaulted. ( Source: Sports World )

The young Sora worked as an actress, but later, she left the field and began working in another field. She was working on getting her real estate license.

At that time, she was also working at a Fried Chicken Shop. She had also earned her bead craft license and sold them to markets. Apart from that, Yang lost her life after a suicide, and she made the decision after getting harassed by people involved in the K-drama industry.

Take A Look At Sora Yang Obituary 

Sora Yang obituary is also trending on the internet. She passed away 15 years ago following a suicide. As said earlier, the reason behind her suicide was due to getting harassed by people in the Kdrama industry.

Her mother, Jang Yeon-rok, has a YouTube channel where she has talked about her daughter’s passing. Her daughter Sora and her little sister died as both of them were assaulted.

Sora Yang Obituary 
Sora Yang died in 2009, and her memorial services were organized later. ( Source: YouTube )

On August 28, 2018, a memorial service for the two young girls was organized, and the moment was also shared on the YouTube channel of Jang.

Many people have shown support to Jang as she has been fighting to get justice as her daughters passed away due to the people working in the K drama industry.

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Korean Actress Sora Yang Death Case Explained

Sora Yang was a young actress who was working in the Korean entertainment industry. Unfortunately, she is no longer in this world as she died in 2009.

Just like that, she had a little sister who was also working as an actress, and both of them were harassed by people in the entertainment line.

Korean Actress Sora Yang Death Case
The death of aspiring Korean actress Sora Yang left everyone shocked. ( Source: Sports World )

Reportedly, Sora was harassed by 12 people in the K drama industry for three months. After all these things, Sora went to the police to file the case and requested them to investigate those people.

However, the police didn’t respond to much on Sora’s case and didn’t receive any help. It was the reason why Sora took her own life. After some time, her little sister also died due to guilt.

Not only that, but their father, who was shocked by his daughter’s passing, also died of a cerebral hemorrhage two months later. 

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