Stacy Arthur Death News

Recently, Stacy Arthur ***** news has been spreading over the internet. Let’s see if the American model is all right.

Arthur was widely known as the 1990 Mrs. Ohio and the Playboy playmate in the January 1991 edition of the magazine.

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She was in the middle of a tragedy that turned out to be controversial when an obsessive fan killed her husband.

Following that, a lawsuit ensued after she claimed to have been raped in the Playboy mansion, and the former Playboy playmate got her ties cut by the adult magazine.

The Naperville-born model was often the subject of media attention following the ****** of her husband, James Arthur, at the hands of James Lindberg, who committed suicide.

However, recently, Stacy has been out of the media spotlight as she preferred to live a secular life following the conclusion of the controversy and the lawsuit.

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Stacy Arthur ***** News Viral On Internet -What Happened?

Stacy Arthur’s ***** news has been viral on the internet lately. However, her ***** has not been featured in any credible media outlets.

The news of the former Mrs. Ohio spread after Stacy’s story was announced to be featured in the new series, The Playboy Murders, which investigates murders in the Playboy community.

The new Investigation Discovery series is hosted by Holly Madison, a television personality famous as Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend.

In the series, Madison looks at several murders involving playboy playmates, and Stacy Arthur’s husband James’s ****** is one of them.

stacy arthur *****
Stacy Arthur was the Playboy centerfold model in January 1991. (Source: Listal)

Since then, there has been a lot of interest among netizens in the whereabouts of the former Mrs. Ohio.

Stacy had been out of the media spotlight for too long, making it even more challenging to know about her fate.

However, after some research, we learned that Stacy Arthur had already died some years back.

Stacy Leigh Arthur died aged 50 on April 5, 2019, after a short battle with illness, as per sources. The date of her ***** is mentioned on the Trading Card Database website. 

Additionally, comments on a YouTube video featuring the program Hard Copy seem to support the story of Stacy Arthur’s *****.

Arthur was out of the public spotlight in the last years of her life, which is why maybe the news of her ***** is not often mentioned in the media.

Stacy Arthur Husband James Arthur Was Killed

37-year-old James Alan Arthur was killed by an obsessive fan of Stacy named James Lindberg in October 1991.

Lindberg shot and killed Arthur on the street outside his house in Bellefontaine, Ohio, on Tuesday morning, October 29, 1991, and turned the gun to himself.

Stacy Arthur *****
Stacy Arthur and her husband, James Arthur, in an old picture. (Source: Amazon)

Arthur, who was shot three times in the back, died on the scene, whereas Lindberg succumbed to the self-inflicted gunshot wound in the hospital later that night.

The suspect, James Lindberg, was from Woodland, California, and was later known to be an obsessed Stacy Arthur fan.

Days before the incident, he called Stacy extensively on Playboy’s 900-line. He had repeatedly asked to photograph the former playboy centerfold in Toledo.

Stacy Arthur *****
Stacy Arthur’s late husband’s ****** is featured in the new series The Playboy Murders. (Source: Pinterest)

At that time, Lindberg, who was often seen taking pictures, had sold his home in Woodland and left for Hawaii, according to his neighbor.

The Arthur couple lived with three children from previous marriages and planned to remodel their third-floor apartment.

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Stacy Arthur Net Worth Collection

Stacy Arthur never revealed her actual career collection. She was a famous face in the show biz; thus, the diva must have collected a handsome amount of greens.

Sadly, the world will never know; however, reliable sources have come up with a number. 

As per All Famous Birthday, the late model accumulated a massive net worth of $5 million. Yes, with her talent and hard work, Arthur succeeded in being a millionaire. 

Obviously, the late actress Stacy made her fortune as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. 

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Stacy Arthur $70 Million Lawsuit Against Playboy 

As mentioned earlier, the heat went between Stacy Arthur and Playboy. She filed a case against the entertainment magazine. 

The late diva reported that three of Playboy’s then-staff sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion. As noted by The Cinemaholic, Stacy first talked about her tragic story on TV shows in 1992. 

Further, the site notes Stacy made it clear that then-three staff at Playboy raped her. They assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in October 1991. 

For sure, that incident put her in a dark place; however, she came forward, and after a couple of months, she opened up about it. 

Gradually, Stacy took legal action. The late actress then filed a $70 million lawsuit against the magazine Playboy. In addition, shared details of the three rapists. 

Although many details have not come forward, Stacy noted that out of the three, two were security guards at Playboy Mansion, and another one was a butler who worked at the mansion.  

After the revelation, Playboy magazine cut all tied with the late actress. Furthermore, the firm fired all three employees. 

They were fired after Playboy magazine discovered they were involved in the mischievous act. Although the three told the firm it was consensual and they had Stacy’s approval, the company fired them for engaging in sexual activities during work hours.

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