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Stacy Stover net worth has left online users concerned, and if you are also eager to know more about Tim Wakefield wife income, read this complete article.

Stacy Stover is the wife of the late American professional baseball knuckleball pitcher Tim Wakefield. Tim played 19 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Due to his outstanding performances, Tim won the hearts of many people. Besides, he started his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Meanwhile, he was mainly famous for playing with the Boston Red Sox team from 1995 until his retirement in 2012 as the longest-serving player on the squad.

When Wakefield retired, he was the oldest active player in the major leagues.

He also passed away on October 1, 2023, and people want to know more about his life, mainly his wife, Stacy.

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Everything On Stacy Stover Net Worth 2023

Tim Wakefield wife, Stacy Stover, has a fair net worth, but the verified media outlets have not given the actual amount yet. She must be living a quality life from her earnings.

There are no details about her income. However, she reportedly worked with her husband.

Like her late husband, she has been actively helping others through philanthropy.

Stacy Stover Net Worth
Stacy Stover lives a quality life with her impressive earnings, and she was photographed with her husband and kids. (Source: Boston Herald)

Further, Stover closely collaborated with Wakefield Warriors, an organization dedicated to helping children at the Franciscan Hospital for Children.

Stover’s dedication to philanthropy mirrors Wakefield’s lifelong commitment to charitable work, even after retirement.

So, she must have a decent net value, but the amount may get updated in the future.

Stacy Stover Career Earnings Explored

Stacy Stover is famous for being the wife of Tim Wakefield, with whom she was married for a long time. The pair were together for many years and worked together.

The details about Stacy’s profession remain unclear as none of the media sources has given the truth. It has been noted that she is active in philanthropic work.

Stacy Stover
Stacy Stover was married to her beloved husband, Tim Wakefield, for many years and gave birth to two kids. (Source: The US Sun)

So, it is believed that the primary source of Stacy’s income is from her philanthropic work.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, her husband Tim had preserved a massive fortune of over $20 million.

During his MLB Career, Wakefield earned over $55 million in salary alone. So, his massive income may have helped him live a good life with his family.

Where Is Stacy Stover Now?

Stacy Stover is currently mourning the loss of her husband, who passed away on October 1, 2023, after a battle with brain cancer. Boston Red Sox shared the news by releasing a statement. 

The Wakefield couple were married for many years and had also started a family of their own. They gave birth to two kids, Trevor and Brianna.

Stacy Stover Husband Death
Stacy Stover husband, Tim Wakefield, died on October 1, 2023, after a battle with brain cancer. (Source: CNN)

Furthermore, Stacy came into the limelight when it was shared that she was also dealing with pancreatic cancer.

The news was shared by Wakefield’s former Red Sox teammate Curt Schilling.

Apart from that, Stover leads a private life, and there are no more details about her current life.

She and her family are believed to seek privacy at this challenging time as they have lost a beloved family member.

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