Stefaan Degand Vriendin

Stefaan Degand has a new girlfriend almost exactly one year after the actor lost his wife Julie and their unborn baby after suffering from bacterial meningitis.

Flemish actor Stefaan primarily performs in a theater. His most prominent role was Dieter De Leus from the Drama series De Ronde, which is how most people knew him.

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De Ronde (2011), Clan (2012), and Quiz Me Quick (2012) are among Stefaan’s notable films. He received his diploma from the Herman Teirlinck Institute’s Drama department in 2003.

Later, he participated in various theater works by organizations, including Theater Antigone, HETPALEIS, and Het Toneelhuis.

Netflix will start streaming The Claus Family 2, which stars Stefaan as Holger, at 3 a.m. ET on November 8th, 2022.

Who Is Stefaan Degand Dating? Stefaan Degand Finds Love Again

After losing his wife and unborn child due to bacterial meningitis, Stefaan Degand has a new girlfriend.

We do not have much information about Stefaan Degand’s vriendin, as he has not disclosed her girlfriend’s name. He has made his Instagram account private.

Stefaan Degand Vriendin
Stefaan Degand with his Late Wife Julie (Source: HLN)

A performance brought the actor and his girlfriend together. There was something really stupid he had done.

After playing with the Philharmonic in Elisabeth Hall, he arrives at the most crucial moment of the evening: women between the ages of 35 and 40 who ask him for his phone number and request a date.

He realizes he has given his real phone number as he says that. After the show, a girl was waiting for him outside, and he had 80 missed calls. When it was six in the morning, they had finished talking.

His daughter and new girlfriend are all on his mind right now. He knows his late wife would be proud of him as he deliberately decides to live.

Trial and error are involved, as well as a battle with oneself, but it turns out he is more resilient than he ever expected.

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Meet Stefaan Degand Family

Stefaan, a Flemish actor, was born in Wevelgem, Belgium, on October 13, 1978.

Other than the fact that they are from Belgium, his parents’ specifics have not been documented by any sources, and he has never spoken about them.

Stefaan, a cast member in The Claus Family 2, has kept his parents and family history a secret.

However, the parents provided excellent care and support for their son’s upbringing, and they have been highly supportive of their son’s career. Whether he has siblings or not is unknown to us.

In 2014, Mila was born, and Degand became her father.

Julie, Stephanie’s wife, passed away in 2017 from complications related to meningitis. She had a child on the way and was 45 years old

When his pregnant wife unexpectedly passed away from meningitis, he simultaneously lost his wife and his unborn second child.

Mila was only two years old then, so he found it difficult to explain why she would lose her mother.

Stefaan Degand Net Worth

As stated by the net worth post, the actor enjoys a massive net worth of $850,000. He is a well-known actor from Belgium, and acting is where he makes the most of his earnings.

He has been a successful actor in all of his films and television shows and may be able to live a happy and respectable life due to his acting skills.

Stefaan Degand in the Claus Family
Stefaan Degand in the Claus Family (Source: What’s New on Netflix)

Stefaan’s acting job is his primary source of income. We lack information regarding his possessions, properties, or endorsements.

His most well-known fictional character is Dieter De Leus, who appears in the Drama series De Ronde.

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