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Stefania Zane is one of the most experienced and charming journalists of Rai 2, the second channel of the Italian public broadcaster.

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She is one of the anchors of TG2, the news program of Rai 2, usually in charge of the 1 pm edition, called TG2 Giorno.

Along with her, there are other colleagues such as Piergiorgio Giacovazzo and Marina Nalesso. Zane is known to the public not only for her professionalism but also for her beauty.

In 2020, she was unintentionally involved in a joke made by Striscia La Notizia, a satirical show on Canale 5, which found a “similarity” between her and Rajae Bezzaz, a reporter of the same show.

“The only difference is that one works for a news program that is ‘all to laugh at’ while the other works for Striscia”, the jab at Rai.

Stefania Zane Wikipedia: Is The Television Presenter On The Official Wiki Page?

Stefania Zane, a prominent journalist with a distinguished reputation, notably lacks an official Wikipedia presence, a rarity in today’s digital age.

Despite her acclaim in journalistic circles, Zane maintains a notably reserved stance regarding her personal life, rendering comprehensive online biographical information scarce.

Yet, glimpses of her illustrious career trajectory can be pieced together from scattered mentions across various digital platforms and articles.

Stefania Zane Wikipedia
Stefania Zane surprisingly doesn’t have an official Wikipedia page, despite being a renowned journalist, (Image Source: Condicttrici TV)

As reported by, Zane embarked on her journey with Rai 2 in 1998, following her academic pursuits in law and journalism training in Milan.

Her initial foray saw her contributing as a reporter for TG2 Dossier, a weekly investigative segment delving into contemporary affairs.

Over time, she transitioned to TG2 Costume e Società, where she delved into societal issues and lifestyle narratives.

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Her versatility shone through as she collaborated across diverse programs, including TG2 Insieme, TG2 Salute, and TG2 Motori.

By 2016, Stefania Zane had ascended to a pivotal role, becoming one of the primary anchors for TG2 Giorno, solidifying her position as a stalwart in Italian journalism.

Stefania Zane Eta: How Old Is TG2 Television Presenter?

Stefania Zane’s exact age remains a mystery to the public eye, as she chooses to shield this personal detail from the limelight.

However, piecing together information from various sources, it’s inferred that she might have been born between the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Stefania Zane Age
Stefania Zane’s precise age is undisclosed to the public, as she prefers to keep this personal detail private. (Image Source: Zeta News)

By December 2023, this would place her at approximately around the age of 50. Yet, it’s undeniable that she carries a youthful allure, a testament to her inherent elegance and poise.

In the realm of journalism, Stefania isn’t the only luminary in the family. Her spouse, Giancarlo Giojelli, stands as a seasoned journalist with an expansive portfolio.

Over the years, Giancarlo has lent his expertise to renowned publications such as “Avvenire,” “Il Cittadino,” “L’Ordine,” “Il Sabato,” “Vita e pensiero,” and “Tracce.”

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His journalistic journey has taken him across Italy’s vibrant landscapes and beyond its borders, capturing a plethora of events both domestically and internationally.

Their shared passion for the written word undoubtedly binds this dynamic duo in their shared pursuit of truth and storytelling.

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