Stephanie Jackson Obituary

Stephanie Jackson Obituary: Remembering the life and legacy of Stephanie Jackson as we mourn the loss of a beloved individual.

Stephanie Jackson, born in Toledo, Ohio, on February 9th, 1983, was a beloved individual known for her love of family, faith, and hospitality.

Jackson touched the lives of many through her career and selfless acts of volunteering. Stephanie’s remarkable journey and impact will be greatly missed.

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Chapel Hill Stephanie Jackson Obituary And Death Cause

Stephanie Elizabeth Jackson peacefully departed from our world on February 7th, 2023, surrounded by abundant love from near and far.

She had been battling brain cancer for over three years before her death and was not in good health before dying. 

Jackson had a deep desire for the well-being of those around her, and she remained committed to various endeavors, keeping herself occupied.

Despite facing cancer, she demonstrated resilience and maintained her inner strength, refusing to let it hinder her pursuits.

Stephanie was cherished for her deep love for her family
Stephanie was cherished for her deep love for her family. (Image Source: Freepik)

Jackson served as a source of inspiration for numerous individuals as she openly discussed her health journey and shared her thoughts.

Her willingness to engage with the public about her experiences was a source of encouragement and empowerment.

Irrespective of circumstances, Stephanie Jackson will forever be remembered as a symbol of strength.

Jackson graduated from St. Ursula Academy in 2001 and earned degrees from Miami University and the Culinary Institute of America.

With her adventurous spirit, she explored Europe during a semester abroad and made her mark in New York City before settling in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Her true calling lay in hospitality, where she made a profound impact over her impressive 20-year career.

As the Chief People Officer at Aurify Brands, she created an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the workplace. Previously, she held similar influential positions at Tiffany & Co., Union Square Hospitality Group, and the renowned Eleven Madison Park.

Her charisma and compassion garnered lifelong admiration from those she encountered.

Jackson actively participated in various charitable endeavors, showcasing her dedication to making a difference. She ran the 2018 NYC Marathon and joined numerous 5K teams to support Glioblastoma research.

She selflessly volunteered at soup kitchens during holidays, aided hurricane relief organizations, and generously contributed to causes close to her heart.

Her remarkable brain donation to Harvard Medical Research demonstrated her profound appreciation for the exceptional teams at Duke University and Wake Forest Baptist Cancer Center, whose efforts remarkably extended her life.

Stephanie Jackson Family Mourns The Loss

Stephanie Jackson, a devoted and affectionate mother, is survived by her three children: Eliot McIntyre, Camille Diane, and Leon William.

She was a dedicated wife to Dan Jackson, with whom she shared almost nine years of cherished moments and a life brimming with immeasurable joy.

Everyone remembers her after three months of her death; she was honest, friendly, and close to everyone in her family. 

Picture of Stephanie Jackson husband Dan Jackson.
Picture of Stephanie Jackson husband Dan Jackson. (Image Source: UNC General Alumni)

Jackson was an exceptional sister and will forever be cherished by her five younger siblings: Jessica Scher, Alison Jacobs, Olivia Sodd, Zachary Bernhoft, and Bennett Bernhoft.

She had a remarkable ability to listen, love unconditionally, and embody the true essence of appreciation. Her in-laws, George and Ronnie Jackson held her dear; the affection was mutual.

Stephanie brought joy as an adored aunt to her three nieces and held a special place as a cherished godmother.

Throughout her life, Stephanie had several father figures and male role models who profoundly influenced her journey.

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