Alexis Avila Baby Father

Alexis Avila baby father has been a top discussed topic since the baby’s mother, Alexis, has found guilty of throwing her baby. 

A 20 year-old teenage mother, Alexis, in New Mexico, has been sentenced to 18 years for throwing her newborn baby into a dumpster.

However, the judge suspended two years of the sentence due to concerns over the defendant’s mental health and young age.

The mother was convicted of child abuse involving great bodily harm by a jury after her public defender argued that her actions were not intended and that an undiagnosed mental health disorder played a role.

The judge emphasized that luck and the grace of God played a significant role in saving the baby’s life, as there was a high chance the child would have died if not found that day in Hobbs, near the Texas border.

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Who Is Stephen Astorga, Alexis Avila Baby Father?

Stephen Astorga is the father of the baby who was thrown into a dumpster by Alexis.

He released a statement shortly after the incident stating that he was shocked and saddened by what had happened and that he did not know about Avila’s pregnancy.

Avila had initially told police that she didn’t know the baby’s father but later changed her story and claimed that the baby’s father was indeed Stephen Astorga.

The infant was found alive in 36-degree weather, a testament to their resilience and strength.

The baby, Saul, was found alive in 36-degree weather, a testament to their resilience and strength. (Image Source: New York Post)

According to Stephen Astorga, the baby’s father said that Avlia had a miscarriage, and he believed that she was no longer pregnant.

However, the baby, who has since been named Saul, is now in the care of the Astorga family, and they report that he is doing well and is happy and healthy.

The family is committed to providing a safe and loving environment for the baby, and they appreciate the support from the community.

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Stephen Astorga Wikipedia And Age

Oscar Astorga, the grandfather of the newborn baby who was thrown into a dumpster by his teenage mother in New Mexico, has revealed that the child’s father is his 18 year-old son. 

There is no wikipedia page of Stephen in public; he just came into the limelight with his family after the incident happened and his baby’s mother was arrested. 

Avila, the baby’s mother, was caught on video throwing the baby into a dumpster and has been charged with child abuse and attempted first-degree murder.

The baby, Saul, received a blood transfusion and was put on oxygen before being transferred to a hospital in Texas with a more advanced neonatal intensive care unit.

Alexis Avila who was caught on tape throwing her newborn baby into a dumpster, has received her sentence.
Alexis Avila, caught on tape throwing her newborn baby into a dumpster, has received her sentence. (Image Source: Law & Crime)

According to the baby’s grandfather Oscar, the family received death threats on social media when the incident happened. He claims that they have done nothing wrong and that people on social media have been unjustly targeting them.

It’s possible that the age and the fear of having a baby played a role in Avila’s decision not to inform her partner, Stephen Astorga, about the pregnancy.

However, it’s important to learn that the exact reasons behind her actions are not fully known, and mental health issues might also be raised as a potential factor in the case.

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